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Learn All About Space Planning in Interior Designing

Importance of Space Planning in Interior Designing

Everyone wants to use any space or a room they have in the best way possible. Space planning enables you to get the most out of an area. It is an integral part of interior design.

Space planning is the first and the most important step while doing the Interior Decoration. Interior designers help you get an idea by which the arrangement of the furniture and other accessories can be done in a way that the room or space neither looks clogged nor very vacant. It can be considered as an in-depth analysis of how physical space is used in structures. It ensures the effective use of floor space without wasting an inch.

It starts with a deep analysis of the area to be worked upon. Doing this gives the basic idea of the size of the room which helps them to make a rough plan in their mind. After this, they draw up a plan that defines the zones and the activities of the space.

Thoroughly we can say, interior design and space planning are interrelated. Without space planning, one cannot do interior design. They both go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.

The space plan also defines the flow of circulation or the way of movement of the people in that particular area. The planning is finished by adding every detail of the furniture that has to be put in the room in their desired positions. Apart from the furniture, it also includes the doors and the windows.

Well, space planning can improve the functionality of the room offering clients a multipurpose space. Designers usually consult their clients to clarify their requirements for space before starting the planning procedure. 

The designers have many Interior Design Ideas, but to execute, they must have a certain plan and structure. This is the reason why space planning is the most important and basic step.

 It leads towards the success of the room or space because, without the proper planning, the designing could end awkwardly.

 In a well-planned room, filling the space was wisely taken under the consideration. The room’s needs and functions were also taken into consideration.

People generally undermine the importance of space planning. But interior space planning is very critical for highly functional areas like Kitchen Interior Design, office work station area and a lot more. These rooms have to be planned according to the functions and environments they serve.

Using the available space in an efficient manner that will give the room an aesthetic, pleasing and appealing view is the main motive of space planning.

This ensures that you are making the maximum use of the available area. We can say that planning is the end of all the confusion, clutter and chaos in the room. It helps to give your room a more organised look by defining the intended purpose. Hence it allows us to define the room as per its function.

You can find an interior designer in your city to help you get through the problem of space planning. Simply search for an Interior Designer near me and you will get countless results. 

Why is Space Planning Important in Interior Design?

Inadequacy of space:

Everyone wants their room to look spacious and big without any congested appearance. But not everyone has big rooms. And that is why space planning is important.

This allows us to make our small room look big and airy without any discomfort. This is done by selecting the right size of furniture and arranging it in a manner that it doesn’t block the way and the entrance allowing a smooth movement.

In metropolitan cities like, Delhi and Mumbai where flats with big rooms can cost very much to middle-class people, this concept will help them by giving more of what they want in less.

Importance of Space Planning in Interior Design

The objective of the structure:

Before starting the work of designing, the designers first need to understand the purpose of the use of that space. This is very important. Without knowing the use, the designer can opt for a wrong design which is enough to break the client’s dream of getting their ideal room or home. 

If the work has to be done on a building then, it is very important to know if it’s a commercial or residential building. Hence, it is very essential to know as every space has it’s value

For example, in a residential project different rooms can be designed to provide multifunctional use. The living room can be planned in a way where you can get a small office to work.

Structure in Interior Design


Furniture selection:

Believe it or not, without proper space planning, picking out your furniture can turn into a futile activity. There is a need to select the furniture according to the size of the room and other accessories in the room.

Everything should be in a way that looks the same but at the same time are in contrast.

For example, buying an extra-large sofa set for your tiny living room will make the room look very out of order and will restrict the movement of you and your guests.

Selecting Furniture in Interior Design

Visually appealing:

A well-designed space automatically attracts everyone’s eyes, which is why some restaurants or places are an instant hit because of their attractive visual ambiance. The key factor is the visualisation. Visitors will only get impressed when they will visualize space planning. If the planning is not visible then it’s of no use.

Visually Appealing Interiors

Thus, instead of ignoring the space planning, one should try to give it the most importance so that you can give your home that celebrity house look.


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