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Spend a Creative Monsoon with Hamstech Institute

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Monsoons are not just to snuggle in with a hot cup of tea and pakoras, this season even brings out the seasonal creativity in all of us.

In the creative context across domains of fashion designing, interior design, jewellery design and photography, monsoon is a special season that can be celebrated in style, with total indulgence. From getting dressed to rebooting your interiors with fresh interior designing work, monsoon is the season for you to show off the best of your style sense.


Dressing Up in Monsoon


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The first advice for monsoon is to wear minimal makeup. In the dull season, you can liven up with a fashion makeover with light shaded, minimally decorated attire. Culottes, t-shirts, midis and maxi dresses are best for the season, being also a lot utilitarian. Choose tank-tops, capes and rain coats to look cheerful in the rainy season.

Lightweight garments are best in monsoon. Denim is replaced by nylon, semi-synthetics and silk become the choicest fabrics. Bright colour umbrellas and footwear ideally boots made with water resistant materials like the plastics and rubber are a popular choice.


Jewellery for Monsoon


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Monsoon is the best time to try jewellery made with materials other than the metals. Try plastic jewellery which is waterproof, colourful and cheap yet trendy. Bring out the rubber watches with straps coloured brilliantly. Broad bangles and non-layered non-hanging earrings are great choices for the season. Let being colourful be your priority in monsoon.


Living in with Monsoon


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Being creative with interiors is challenging in monsoon. But working on some key elements creatively can brighten up the look and feel in a big way.

Check the colours you choose for the interior accessories. Having neutral coloured coir mats in the room can hide stains and mud from view and keep the floor clean too. Bright colours for seat and pillow covers and sheets can liven up your mood. The presence of green in the home will improve the interior’s look.

Choose plants for indoors that need less water. Have an area to keep wet umbrellas so that the home can be kept tidy and dry. Having designer lampshades and creative candle stands for lighting can make picturesque interiors possible.


Capturing Monsoon Memories


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Monsoon presents rich photography subject material with rain, thunder, clouds and the fresh landscapes.

If you are shooting the rain, choosing a shutter speed of 1/30 sec or 1/60 sec will capture rain streaks clearly. The post rain skies and nature are wonderful subjects for a shoot. If you’re shooting lightning, shoot at high shutter speed and be sure to stay safe.

The seasonal aspect is a very pertinent discussion in fashion design schools. The same applies to disciplines like photography and interior design. Hamstech Institute discusses perspective with students about the environments that inspire them to work in.

It’s monsoon now; the right time to follow your heart into the rain, get yourself a feel of it and bring out something amazing working in your own creative domain.

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