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Sports Mania 2018: A Celebration of Team Spirit Through Sports

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Student-centric events have always been part of Hamstech’s curriculum. Sports Mania is one such event that is conducted annually by Hamstech for its students. Through Sports Mania, the sportive spirit of students are honoured, and tremendous boost to a lot of desirable things like healthy mind, team spirit, increased focus and creativity is given.

This year also, students participated in the event with great enthusiasm. On April 2, 2018, the day started on a high note and the students were present on time at ORO Sports and Convention Center, Hyderabad. It was their special day: a day to celebrate team bonding through sports. The 7 categories of games in the event were Kabaddi, Badminton, Football, Kho Kho, Throw ball, Tug-of-war and Cricket.


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The event started with the national anthem. Then the teams of students sent to different well-maintained venues for different sport categories and the games began.

The talented students of Hamstech Institute made it evident with their activeness that there was much more to them than their creative and artistic skills. Every student, boy and girl, played vigorously, enjoying the games wholeheartedly.


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The hot day was failing to tire the young folks from this remarkable institute of design, that has always aimed at implementing a perfect overall development plan for them. Well, after all, ‘all work and no play’ is highly toxic for the mind and the body, isn’t it?

At 4pm, the most expected special guest Ms. Geeta Phogat arrived at ORO and was warmly welcomed by Ms. Ajita Reddy, General Manager, Hamstech. What an honour it was to have the first ever Indian woman who won an international gold in wrestling at an event like Sports Mania! There was a small dance presentation on the stage.


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Then Ms. Ajita delivered the welcome speech, thanking all the participants and guests and congratulating all the winners. The prizes were distributed by Ms. Geeta Phogat. There was a special award given to Ms. Gaddam Krishna Induja, Hamstech’s interior design student, who had won Gold medal in throw-ball at the Asian Continental Games 2017 and World Games 2017. The student crowd cheered the winners.

The day was wound up with dance and merriment by students. They literally had a rain-dance as the weather turned cloudy and rain fell for some time. The event reaffirmed the love and faith of students for Hamstech, one of the top ranked fashion designing institutes in Hyderabad.

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