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Sportsmania 2019: The Winners of the Day

hamstech sports mania

Sportsmania 2019, the annual sports day event of Hamstech Institute, showcased enthusiasm, energy and sportsman spirit. It’s Chief Guest was Arjuna Award Winner Sandeep Singh. The games were conducted at ORO Sports Village, Hyderabad.

The winners were awarded by Sandeep Singh. The man who survived all odds achieving glorious feats, inspired the students.

Hamstech students played well, showing a great deal of team spirit and vigour. Before receiving prizes, they listened to Sandeep Singh’s insightful speech and interacted with him.

Kabaddi Winners

The team of Rahul, Ashok, Sai Teja, Ravi Teja, Pruthiv Raj, Ram Mohan and Shaik Umer won won the first position in the game of Boys’ Kabaddi.

The team of Mansee, Sravani, Priyanka, Chinmaiya, Madhuri and Gayatri won in Girls’ Kabaddi.

Throw Ball Winners

The team of Gayatri, Anchal, Tahniyat, Mariyam Saniya, Raja Aishwarya, K.Pooja, Saniya Khan and Nikhila Sai won the first position in the game of throwball.

Badminton Winners

The team of Abhinav and Harsha won the first position in the game of badminton.

Tug-of-War Winners

The team of Shanawaz, Naween, Bharath, Aakansha, Sindhu, Bindu, Shilpa, Sowmya, Pragnya, Lavanya, Mounica, Sravani, Deepak, Pooja and Shilpa won the first position in the game of Tug-of-War.

Cricket Winners

The team of Sharath, Shameer Mirza, Janardhan, Siva, Sandeep, Sachin, Shakil, Shiva Pradeep, Bhuvan, Shashank and Muzib won the first position in the game of cricket.

Football Winners

The team of Shashank(Captain), Anirudh, Dharmik, Rahul, Varun, Sri vardhan, Prakash, Syed Abdul and Sufiyan Md Habeeb won the first position in the game of Football.

Kho-Kho Winners

The team of Aishwarya.B, Vinay, Saakshi, Sushma, Niteesha, Raj vardhan(Captain), Navya, Vanitha, Payal and Shruthi Reddy won the first position in the game of Kho-kho.

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