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STORY BOOK: Tales from Hamstech’s Fashion Shows

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Fashion is something that’s enjoyed by men and women alike. The love for fashion can easily transform even a drab dress into a stunning ensemble.

Being a fashion enthusiast, I embrace fashion like nobody else. I’ve always loved to maintain a capsule wardrobe, considering the compact space I live in. Coming to my education, I pursued a Diploma course in Fashion Designing from Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design, Hyderabad and I must say, it was a lovely journey.

Hamstech not only nurtures every student but also provides strong platforms to exhibit individual talent.  One such platform is the annual fashion show hosted by Hamstech, wherein, students like me can showcase their acquired skills through their created garments.

One evening, as I was steering myself through the busy streets, I recollected my days as a student. It was that time of the year when every student participant looks forward to the annual fashion show.

I would like to share few tales from Hamstech Fashion Show Diaries that brings back cherished memories. To begin with, I personally categorise Hamstech’s students into the following:

The Motivators, the Go-Getters & the Creators!

The Motivators

diploma course in fashion designing

Now, why I call these students “The Motivators” is because I remember an incident that occurred during the preparation of our fashion show.

There were just few days left for Hamstech’s Calantha Fashion show to start. During the preparations, one of the team members working on a collection, Seema, had unfortunately fractured her hand. It was a moment of frustration as well as concern for everyone in the team.

Seema, being a very strong person, with a never-say-die attitude, continued to work on the collection. The team not only motivated each other but also took up extra tasks assigned to them and completed their collection right in time.

Their collection won the second prize as well as much acclaim from the celebrity judge’s panel.

The Go Getters

professional institutes for fashion designing courses

I’ve named this group of students as the “Go Getters” because they truly stand by their work.

During the strenuous time of the year when every student works day and night on their collection, this team encountered its fair share of obstacles.

One major tragedy that struck them was that two garments got singed. It happened when the all the team members were working late night. As one of the team members, Ambika,  picked each garment to iron, she didn’t adjust the heat as per the fabric. As she laid the hot iron on the fabric, two instantly got stuck and burned. While everyone grew worried with each panic-stricken minute, it was Ambika’s that saved the day.

Ambika suggested to cover the burned area with a sewn motif’s patch. In order to correct her own mistake, Ambika inadvertently made the entire collection stand out from the others. Without anyone having the slightest hint, all the garments made it through the show, sporting that eclectic patch!

These students didn’t just learn academically in their fashion designing classes, but also practically to be able to meet such challenges.

The Creators

Fashion Designing Courses

Hamstech’s students are amazing creators. Their sources of inspiration are unique and soulful. Each collection showcased in Hamstech’s Fashion Show resonates its individuality through its inspiration.

I named this set of students Creators because their collections were truly original and inspiring. One collection that haunts me even today is “Frosty Illuminare” which was based on California’s Sea Glass Chandelier.

Not only did this collection win the second place, but one of the team members, Shanti, took the stage to speak about each member’s creativity and strength; while shedding more light on why this inspiration was chosen.

She described the collection be a “mixture of the sparkle of glass and the mist of frost” and the proved that there’s poetry in Fashion!

Unlike other Professional Institutes for Fashion Designing Courses, Hamstech is a unique place to pursue your fashion education. Students pass graduate from Hamstech with flying colours and an extensive portfolio which compiles all their collections from these Fashion Shows.

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