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Storybook: Tales from A Hamstech’s Photography Student

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They say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and indeed it is. A photograph conveys different moods, emotions, ideas, etc. all through the simple capture of a moment.

Every photograph has a memory and every memory has a story. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t they? Some are long while the others are short. I have often wondered what kind of stories lie behind a picture.

I, myself have been a passionate photographer and for me every picture tells a tale or conveys a message. Photographically thinking, every picture holds an intense moment and depicts a narrative.

It was out of sheer love and craze for photography that I wanted to take up a course. My passion for photography grew stronger with time. Though there are many photography institutes in Hyderabad, choosing the right institute is what matters.

I know I made a wise decision of enrolling in a photography training institute because I can connect to every photography experience I encountered as a student.

One evening as I was digging into some old photos, I came across few pictures that brought in a myriad of memories. This took me back to my days as an eager photography student…


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  1. Hilarity at the Zoo

We all know that animals can be either dangerous or very adorable. At the zoo, as everyone was busy clicking photographs, I noticed my friend lingering near a dried tree, trying to get the correct angle of something that was out of my sight.

When he fled from his spot with a scream, he looked so funny that I couldn’t resist clicking a picture. I later find out that he was trying to photograph a cute squirrel who had instead given him a fright. Classic case of the photographer becoming a photograph!


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  1. Old City’s Charm

I reminisced my time at the Charminar as I looked at a snap of it taken during Ramzan. What was captivating about the monument was that, though the market is crowded by thousands of wandering people, and further encompassed by old buildings, it still distinctly stands out in all its grace. I remember I had to wait for hours to get the right light and in the process ended up overeating! But who can resist Charminar’s street food?


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  1. ROFL at the Ramp

Another funny photograph I came across was that of a fashion show. I remembered that as I was clicking pictures of the models walking the ramp, one of them just couldn’t stifle her giggles and almost fell to the floor laughing. Although nobody came to know what triggered this laugh fest, capturing the model rolling on the ramp laughing was a treat!


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  1. A Gem of Joy

The next photograph I picked was of a dazzling neckpiece. I was particularly proud of this click because the lights of the chandeliers hanging above, reflected beautifully across the stones of the necklace. Photographing jewellery always transported my mind to weddings and extravagance, all my memories from this time seem like a fairytale!


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  1. Photographic Hunger

The last photograph in my hand was of a salad decoration. I was asked to click pictures of the top three winners in a salad making contest. While doing so, I was really tempted to pick a small piece, and I did. Little did I know that it would be considered an immortal sin! Embarrassed and uncertain, I finished my shoot and left the location, but not before stealing another bite!


Photography is always fun, especially when you sit back and look through old photos taken by you. These captures, although lifeless, can hold your hand and guide you down the memory lane…


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