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Storytelling Through Photography

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Photography is one of the best ways to express and tell a story. Telling a story through photographs is an art. There are few key elements that are required in order to create an interesting story.

These days, many photography institutes have a list of interesting topics in their curriculum and one is storytelling through photography. Below are few steps that you could consider while building a story through photography.


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Select your Theme


Take a look around and you will find so much inspiration for your photographic story. To start with, you can choose a vase, cycle, your pet, any piece of accessory, etc. Every object has a story to tell. Therefore, once you’ve chosen the subject, you can begin weaving a story around it.


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Go with Simple Elements


We all have the skill to create an awesome photographic story. However, for those of you who are beginners, must go with a simple subject. Actually you can go with just about anything as long as you can connect to the subject.

Once an idea/concept is clear, the process to convey the story is much smoother. When it comes to learning from a photography training institute, students are often taken for outdoor shoots and excursions for practical exposure, which helps in developing the skill of storytelling.


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Select a Suitable Format


Landscape or portrait is what you need to decide on when showcasing your photographs. A wide-angle lens is perfect if you are planning to fit several people in the frame. In case you want to lay your focus on just one person, use a zoom lens.

In photography classes, students can decide whether they want to portray the subject in a single frame or series of frames.


Consider your Audience


It is very important to consider your audience. Imagine how your audience is going to imbibe your perspective and story before you photograph your subject. Collating the pictures in a correct and easy-to-understand sequence is also vital.

Once your storytelling is complete, review it and ask yourself if your audience will understand or not.


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Create Emotion


A photograph that conveys emotions attracts the audience. This emotion brings a special connect between the audience and the subject. So every storyteller needs to convey a certain level of emotion.


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Focus on the Background


The background holds great importance. It adds immense value to the story, giving it a structure. So choose a background that can not only enrich your story but bring an in-depth idea.

So keeping the above points in mind, you can now create an interesting story through photographs.


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