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Studio Shots: Product Photography

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Product Photography is a subject of specialisation in photography. It’s best for those who are interested in specialising the creative projection of products and services.

The methods of conceiving a product photo shoot are different from other types of photography. The kind of photo clicked depends upon many factors like the product type, the quality highlighted, audience, and the platform on which the product’s image is displayed. After gaining the adequate skills from a photography training institute, one has to use own wisdom, observation and tact to decide the optimal shot.

The marketplace is flooded with product images and advertisements. It takes a very creative and strategic effort to showcase a particular product, making it stand out. Photography training courses help aspiring photographers develop these skills with good observation and practice.

Deciding the approach and the inception of a theme are important for Product Photography. These are brainstormed even in photography classes during assignments.

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When it comes to promotional photography, the concept of the campaign will be discussed with the graphic designer. The best efforts put in by the photographer will involve using the right lighting, right props, right environment and right perspective.

Here are some things that have to be kept in mind during Product Photography:

  • It’s important that you use a high-quality camera for the job. Consider DSLR as it has high pixel count and a large sensor for high-resolution pictures. Using a point-and-shoot camera can give sharp images because of its depth of field.
  • Using a white background is a sure-shot way to highlight a product. It also serves well during post-shoot editing where more elements are added digitally.
  • Be sure of the lighting so that you don’t struggle with filters and level settings post-shoot on editing software.
  • Use a tripod to make sure you get a good steady picture.
  • Setting the product in the middle of the frame works great! But that also means being wary of whether the logo or brand name is in focus.
  • Set the background according to the product type. For example, use a bokeh background for crockery.

These and other practical guidelines ensure that your product photo showcases great appeal and invites attention. The more you explore product photography, the more you will want to master it. Learning a Photography course from industry experts is the best way to get practical experience in these fields.

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