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Stylistic Interior Designing with Shabnam Gupta

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Shabnam Gupta has established an interior design career that has earned her fame and celebrity clients including movie stars. She’s trusted in designing dwellings that radiate with positivity and expressiveness.

She’s famous for her approach to interior designing that applies bursts of colours and interesting textures in a unique contemporary design. Her firm, “The Orange Lane”, has designed amazing interiors for many apartments in Mumbai and across the country. “Peacock Life” also another venture by her offers designer furniture, lifestyle and interior products.

In over 14 years of her stellar career, she earned national and international awards and accolades for her matchless talent and excellent interior works. She’s also associated with Hamstech Institute, a pioneer in top-class interior design training based from Hyderabad, as the mentor and chief advisor for its Interior design department. Her industry exposure, experience and willingness to take part in exploring new talent, proves to be an invaluable asset for the institute and its students doing interior designing courses.


Visual Wonder, Per Client


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Shabnam Gupta believes in designing interiors that narrate a unique story. Designing tailored, client-specific interiors portraying themes that are reflective and appealing, is her forte. Such adaptability in design is essential for any interior designer to develop from interior design classes itself.

Looking at her works, one comes to see variety, richness and a liking for contemporary design. Her signature style is well-synced with the outlook of her client, creating interiors that feel rich and has everything that the client looks for and fantasizes about in his/her living space.


Apartments, a Style Apart


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Shabnam Gupta designs apartment interiors with pure class. A couple of those she has done in Mumbai are mentionable.

In one, she introduced elements of nature through marine colours like aquamarine blue and had seashells planted, bevelling out of the walls in the rooms. Mood lighting was installed in this apartment that matched the kind of natural theme the client couple desired for.

Another apartment interior she designed was done for a businessman, who wanted formal interiors, that are lively with artistic vibe. The client also wanted rich cultural undertones present, that make interiors very homely and emotionally filling.

Shabnam Gupta crafted the interiors combining the best elements of traditional symbolism and visual elements. Hence there’s a wall featuring family pictures, a Tantric styled lotus design on the dining table and snake boat models on the wall covered with golden wallpaper. There’s also a ceramic wall art, spiralling wooden staircase, a blue-printed kitchen basin and a terrace top with a tropical feel.

This design won her the International Property Awards 2014 – Asia award in interior design – Apartment category.


A Moviestar Abode


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The home she designed for Bollywood star Irrfan Khan earned her a lot of praise. Her design wonderfully matches his rustic tastes and down-to-earth demeanour.

The bedroom has paned windows that let in a lavish amount of natural light. The wall is adorned with a drawing, adding to the natural appeal of the room.

The dining hall’s walls have mirrors that meet the actor’s fascination for it. Spacious and well lit in the daylight, the common blue tone of the design is applied on the furniture, which has a mix of patterned and straight coloured chairs at the dining table.

The lavish feel of being close to nature highlights in the living room design. A grand fusion of art and comfort, the space is strewn with elements of rustic and soul stirring art and accessories viz. A simple wooden bed, a jhoola that reminds of the ones in a village and handmade art adorning the walls.

A lot of natural view is there from the study which even has his Filmfare awards lined up at a spot. A couple of architecturally rich wooden art pieces add to the beauty of the room.

There’s even a space that’s painted entirely in soul-soothing blue, with walls decorated with  wonderfully crafted frames and statues.

Shabnam Gupta is a true idol to look up to for anyone doing an interior design course. The appeal of her ideas reflect in her authentic designs and amazing adaptability.

Every interior design student or a professional has to aim at developing a signature style to stand apart in the industry. Decoding Shabnam’s works and understanding her thought process behind a project gives lot of valuable guidance.



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