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Accessory Designing: Professions You Can Take Up Besides Accessory Designer

The 70’s generation knows accessory making only as jewellery making, made by either a blacksmith or a goldsmith. This is because the accessories of that era were created either in gold or in silver. Similar goes with bags and shoes, which were made of leather, by shoemakers. The fashion industry took a shift in how […]

Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own

Shoes are one of the most used accessories used by men. There are various choices for men when it comes to wearing shoes. With incalculable types and designs of footwear available, it is quite difficult to decide on which ones to own. Through this blog, we are going to tell you what makes a perfect […]

Difference Between Accessory Designing and Fashion Designing

Gone are the days when fashion was limited to only clothes. These days fashion also includes accessories for men and women. The right accessory can transform your entire appearance. As people’s spending capability increases with time, an increase in interest for accessories has been noticed. In previous times, accessories used to be most popular among […]

Men! It’s Time to Upgrade Your Style with Some Accessories

Your age, lifestyle or profession never restricts you from testing some accessories. Unlike the majority of the population, if you have ever thought of attending accessory designing classes in Hyderabad, your personality is unique. Hence, your style statement must also differ from other average gentlemen. It’s time to shift your thinking beyond dressing for style. […]

What Accessories a Working Woman Must have in Her Wardrobe?

If you are a working woman, chances are high that you find yourself very busy on weekdays. Being busy does not have to restrict you from trying personal style. Even when your job demands the most of your energy, an initiative to stay fashionable goes a long way in providing you the mental peace you […]

Accessory Design – Career in Leather Goods & Accessory Design

If you are passionate about fashion industry, then a degree qualification in leather goods and accessory design could be your big ticket to a promising career. Accessory design is today one of the most happening careers. Until a few years ago, accessory designers were there by way of experience rather than a formal training. But […]