Fashion Design Study: Why Study Period Costumes

Clothing as a human invention has evolved from a bare necessity to a highly fashionable accessory made and used by choice, through the centuries. The history of human development has spawned the changing concepts of clothing and fashion from time to time. Studying these periods of change from the fashion perspective has respective relevance to […]

Fashion Styling Guide: Career Options to Choose from

‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ are the 3 W’s trending in the entertainment and fashion industry. It matters most to celebrities who want to create a certain image and get noticed for their fashion sense. Have you ever wondered who the actual person behind all these looks and style is? It’s none other than a fashion […]

Fashion Designing Tips: How to Buy Clothes Online

These days more and more people are buying garments from an array of online textile stores out there. The culture of netizens is spreading fast and wide! In the changing scenario, common behaviours like shopping are getting new scope and manners. Let’s particularly look at online shopping. It’s so established today that the confidence of […]

Fashion Designing Tips: Perfecting the Office Attire

In corporate circles, the dress code for office routines, meetings, events and presentations are either prescribed or a particular mode of dressing is appreciated. These formal wears are in fact adapting to new variety and fresh combinations. But the bottom line is that while office wear can be sharp and impactful, it is definitely contributive […]

Fashion Design Business: Entrepreneurs in Fashion

You either sell garments or sell fashion. So if you are working with the ambition to do business in fashion, you must be aware that selling ideas in garments is a uniquely creative job unlike vending outfits in a textile shop. And since the aim is to sell, fashion entrepreneurship is a merger of smart […]

Fashion Design Tips: Best Tips for Fashion Styling Career

Have you ever wondered why celebrities, actors and other artists get instantly noticed for their dressing style? And why not?! Their dressing style certainly stands out from the rest. For that look to come out, there’re skilled hands that work in the background. Right from makeup and garment selection to accessories, every element is assorted […]

Hamstech’s Fashion Design Students Receive International Exposure

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D’Angelo, VP of Sales and Marketing at InterTrade Systems Inc. thus beautifully expresses the importance of education and learning. Following the new educational system and implementing the new methodologies, Hamstech Institute of Creative Education has always attempted to provide […]

Fashion Design Tips: The Coolest Ways to Wear Casuals

Having a wardrobe full of casual wear only aggravates the need to have a good understanding of pairing them. It’s also wonderful to have clothes that can effortlessly transition from casuals to evening wear and vice-versa. Keeping versatile clothing always saves your day. With these simple fashion design tips, you can rock your look in […]

Times Education Icons Award 2017

In what is another proud achievement for Hamstech Institute, the Times of India Group has recognised and bestowed on it the Times Education Icon award for the Best Fashion Designing institute in Hyderabad for the year 2017.   ‘ The award was constituted by the Times of India Group in an attempt to identify, recognize […]

Fashion Designing course: Ethnic Wear in India

Ethnic wear in India are garments that are originally created from age old Indian culture and traditions. They are primarily influenced by colour, heritage and region. If ethnic wear interests you, pursue a diploma in fashion designing. This course is furnished with subjects that talks about different types of ethnic wear and also teaches you […]