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Fashion Designing Essentials: Your Style Tool Kit

  A fashion designing process  has many stages from the ideation and illustration to the stitching and finalising of the collection. At these different stages, you work with a variety of tools. Let’s discuss these tools used in the different processes of fashion designing.   Sketching/Illustration   Sketching gives a tangible artistic version of your […]

Fashion Designing Basics: Fabric Study

Choosing a suitable fabric can be a challenge for most of us. When we enter a clothing store, we are overwhelmed by the array of fabrics on display. At the time of choosing a fabric, the spectrum of colours, patterns, designs, etc. can be confounding! In fact, it is only when we closely inspect a […]

Fashion Designing Tips for the Nerdy Style

Fun days for those free as birds, any day indoors goes for nerds. But nerds are no more written off. The fashion industry today acknowledges “nerd fashion”, which is a recognition for a very understated population. It’s also a matter of discussion in fashion and design courses today. Nerds were earlier considered bookworms or overindulgent […]