7 Fashion Designing Terms Every Fashion Student Must Know

diploma course in fashion designing

An important question to all aspiring fashion designers! Are you familiar with the terms –  “lookbook”, “haute couture”, “Mandarin collar”, “knife pleat”, “dirndl skirt”? If your answer is no, don’t panic. You are not alone!   Through this blog, we will tell you about 7 fashion terms and their meanings that you must know to […]

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Difference Between Accessory Designing and Fashion Designing

fashion and accessory design courses

Gone are the days when fashion was limited to only clothes. These days fashion also includes accessories for men and women. The right accessory can transform your entire appearance. As people’s spending capability increases with time, an increase in interest for accessories has been noticed. In previous times, accessories used to be most popular among […]

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Sports Mania 2018: The Sportive Spirit Grips Hamstech Again!

hamstech institute

This is how Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all times expresses his thoughts on sports through this statement, “Just play, Have fun. Enjoy the game”. Indeed, sports is all about playing and enjoying the game. Players win and lose all the time, but playing the sport in the right spirit is what matters. […]

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