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Chief Guest Geeta Phogat Graces Hamstech’s Sports Mania 2018

As much as academics is important for a student, sports to plays a significant role in the physical development. Some people are good at sports while others are good in studies. Sports and academics are two very important aspects of life and juggling between the two may be challenging. Among the many educational institutes in […]

Hamstech’s Night Walk with Srishti Bakshi

Rape, physical abuse, female foeticide, lack of education among women, etc. are sadly still prevalent in countries like India. These are serious issues that almost every woman faces but is mostly mum about it. Women who have been facing these problems but are unable to stand up for themselves finally find a ray of hope. […]

Doing the Greater Good with Hamstech Institute

Human wellness and progress is the foundation of every corporate establishment. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the broad concept that constitutes the recognition of the duty of an organisation and institution to contribute from their revenue or profits to mankind and nature for sustained progress and true development. The simple thought behind CSR is that […]

Hamstech’s Tips for a Creative Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi’s festive fervour in India is world famous. Every year, it brings together millions of people who share the joy of this festive season irrespective of religion and community. The festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha, considered to be God for fresh beginnings and destroyer of vighnas or obstacles. Ganesh Chaturthi started as […]

How Hamstech Combines Indian Culture and Modernity

We live in a modern age/society, where we quite often shun everything that belongs to old times or tradition. So have you wondered, how can we preserve our rich and varied Indian culture and tradition? To keep the line ‘Trends change but traditions don’t’ the education sector is also ideating the concepts to create a […]

Fashion Design Advice: Tips on Healthy Fashion

While fashion is making us confident, trendy and accepted, mindlessness is making us literally weaker in the joints and giving us more pain than pleasure in the long run. Ask any woman who has ever tried walking up and down the street in high heels and you’ll get your answer! Hence, purpose is important in […]

Popular art inspiration followed at Hamstech Institute.

With inspirations all around us, it’s important to be open-minded and see the beauty around us to help fuel our creative designs. Nature has always been a popular source of inspiration followed by students at Hamstech Institute. From designing garments to making matching jewellery, to setting the theme of your house or photographing moments, nature […]

Most Memorable Site Visits of Hamstech Institute

Educational site visits are one of the most powerful learning tools. Such exposures enable students to develop professional and interpersonal skills. Learning in a new environment adds value to the academic education of a student. Among the many educational institutes today in India, the Hamstech Institute of creative education has embedded new teaching-learning methodologies into […]

Most memorable guest lecturers at Hamstech Institute

Creative courses, unlike others, cannot be taught with limitations. The goal of creative courses is to sharpen the skills of the students, provide them with real-time industry experience and to help them achieve their goals. One of the tools used to enhance this process is guest lectures from prominent international and national figures to motivate […]

Photography Classes: Post-processing Tips for beginners

Knowing exactly what a photograph has  to come out like, pushes the plan for a shoot under optimal conditions. But very rarely does the first shot come out with a satisfactory result. That’s when the need to edit the picture to suit a suggested vision and purpose arise. The process of editing a picture, the […]