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Importance of Space Planning in Interior Designing

With the growing demand for space, there has been a steep rise in the per-square-foot price. This makes it an obvious reason why space is considered as an asset. Interior designing is all about creating spaces that is not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and functional. Today, space planning is no more restricted to […]

Notable influences on Interior Designing Through the Years

Interior design is all about creating the spaces that instill the feeling of “being at home”. It is interesting to observe how the art, science and philosophy of interior designing has evolved and influenced living spaces, through the years. It’s also interesting to know that much of the concepts and intentions on which it is […]

Why Interior Designing is a Profitable and Prolific Career!

If you are contemplating a fruitful career in Interior Designing and you have a love for creating definitive and elegant spaces, it is most advisable to gain practical as well as academic training from an Interior Designing institute before taking it up as your profession. In the new-age India that we live in, building living […]

6 Best Thematic Interior Designing Ideas around the World

Have you ever walked into a place whose theme is that of a golf course? And how about an office with the theme of a library? You must have seen and explored such places, I am sure! Your motivation could be food, ambience or just the curiosity to see their décor because you heard some […]