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3 DIY Lamps that Can Change Your Interiors!

When you have a beautiful room, you will definitely want to decorate it well. Apart from all the decorative stuff, did you ever think about adding some unique and attractive lamps to your interiors? If you do not want to spend money on these lamps, you can even make them on your own! How? You’ll […]

3 Interior Design Ideas to Add Natural Element to Your Decor

No matter how attractive your interior is, you’ll get bored looking at it every day. Everyone likes change and when you make some in your space, it will help you restore peace after a tiring day at work. There are a lot of Interior Designing colleges in India that will teach you the magic to […]

5 Tricks that Make a Small Living Room Appear Larger

If your living room is small and messy, there are chances you wouldn’t like to spend a lot of time there. The good news is that you can make your room appear bigger than it actually is. Interior Designing Institutes in Hyderabad offer a great chance for you to learn the skills required to beautify […]

Contemporary Design Ideas For Your Interiors

If you have ever been to an architect’s lab, you might have noticed that the designs for modern apartments are way different than what it used to be. Even a decade ago, designs were not anywhere similar to today’s practice. One thing is to be found common between these two generations is a lack of […]

Interior Design Styles by Country

Interior design is as varied as the civilisations in history and nations and regions in the world today. If you begin to explore, there’s a lot to study as to what approaches and styles are adopted by people in different parts of the world regarding interior designing. All this is besides the individual tastes that […]

Interior Design Tips: Making Amazing Hallways

Many of us tend to be very particular and probably opulent about design ideas for rooms in a living space. But in fact, the little stretch of connecting space between the rooms or the insides of a home and the outdoors – the hallway, often goes unplanned. If that happens, even in a perfectly made […]

Interior Design- Transforming Interiors Through Innovation

Historical architecture is a great source of inspiration to interior designers. Taking cues from monuments and artefacts, the designers are able to create unique designs. Modern day interior designers have started exploring new concepts of designing. Technology has taken over and advanced techniques of home furnishings are being used. Transforming interiors through innovative interior décor […]

Interior Design Tips: How to Decorate Small Spaces

Small homes may well be dreaded for their lack of space and inability to accommodate accessories. Well, this may just be proven wrong by adopting the right measures to ensure seamless inclusion of essential and decorative elements. Applying a few tactics in interior designing can help you set up small spaces as well-designed and well-decorated […]

Interior Design Guide: Decor Trends for 2018

Be it a new year or an upcoming festival, we all look forward to decorating our home in the best possible way. This is a time when our creative instincts come alive and we want to bring a new look and feel to the interiors. However, interior designing may seem an easy career choice but […]

Shabnam Gupta’s Refresher Session with Hamstech’s Interior Design Students

Mentors have always added value to educational institutions. Be it any stream, having a mentor during the learning period has always proved to be advantageous to a student. Today, many educational institutions take the assistance of highly knowledgeable persons to deliver subject knowledge. Hamstech Institute of Creative Education is one among the many to impart […]