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Interior Designing Tips for Interior Makeovers

In time, your home interior may look aged and dishevelled for the loss of order and need for sheen that you had when it was freshly built. Hence the need for a makeover becomes imminent. In fact, reinvention of interiors is the best thing you could do to make a fresh start in life. Take […]

Blog Class: Why Lighting is Crucial in Interior Designing

Have you ever wondered why certain spaces appear a certain way during day and look completely different at sunset?  Light is your answer. Lighting can add depth or lend a character to any confine or room. Good interior lighting makes all the difference. It proportionately enhances every aspect of the room. When designing a plan […]

Notable influences on Interior Designing Through the Years

Interior design is all about creating the spaces that instill the feeling of “being at home”. It is interesting to observe how the art, science and philosophy of interior designing has evolved and influenced living spaces, through the years. It’s also interesting to know that much of the concepts and intentions on which it is […]