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5 Kinds of Fabrics used in Jewellery Making

That’s why, often, students who enrol in a Jewellery Designing Course, are taught by their instructors to get their foundation right first, so that they can go on to make innovative pieces.

All in Good Taste – Trends in Precious Stones

In jewellery, though precious metals steal the show often, there’s a steady growth in demand and trend of precious stones. The new generation has developed a special liking for the stones that are not going to dissipate any soon. This is in the light of the new trend of fashion jewellery that uses semi-precious stones, […]

Find Out If Your Pearls are Genuine

Pearl jewellery is one of the most popular forms of jewellery. A very common doubt that people have is how to tell the difference between natural pearls and synthetic pearls. This blog briefs the easy ways to visually recognise the difference between these two types.     How to spot fake pearls by simply looking […]

Niche, Knowledge, Proper Tools: 3 Pillars of Success of The Jewellery Design Industry

Making jewellery for your personal use is not merely about having fun. Of course it is an addictive hobby, but if done seriously, it offers a lucrative career option. However, not many people know how to get started. Attending jewelry design classes at a reputed jewelry design institute, like Hamstech can be the perfect start […]

Jewellery Designing – Popular Terms Used In Jewellery Designing

Are you a jewellery enthusiast, or aspiring to be a jewellery designer? Whenever you reach out to the store, you confront many terminologies used in jewellery scene. These words might have intrigued you! Now you don’t need to have to be concerned with that any more. Jewellery designing education in India is growing. It’s easy […]

Jewellery Design Guide- How to Select Ancient Jewellery

Nothing can beat the design, style and look of ancient jewellery. The artisans and craftsmen back then were gifted with the unique quality of crafting exquisite jewellery. Right from headgears to anklets, every ornament was crafted with precision and patience. Every ardent jewellery lover must possess a decent collection of antique ornaments as it’s worth […]

Jewellery Design Guide: A career as a Fashion Jewellery Designer

Jewellery design is all about creativity, skill and precision. In a creative field such as jewellery design, artisans are required to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to create unique and beautiful ornaments. Jewellery design has been practiced since ages. Right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women adorned themselves with jewellery. Bones, […]

Jewellery Designing Practice: An Introduction to Jewellery Engraving

The first thing that any person would notice about a jewellery is the design. If the design is unique, it surely would get the attention of the buyer. The practice of chiselling jewellery is known as ‘engraving’. A piece of jewellery gets the perfect cut and shape only in the hands of a skilled craftsman. […]

Jewellery Design Tips: How to Carry Statement Earrings

Create a statement with your outfit or just a piece of jewellery. When you create a statement with an ornament, you instantly enhance your look. Among the many types of jewellery, you can create a statement with a pair of earrings too. You can incorporate it in your daily wear and add an element of […]

Jewellery Designing Info: Traditional Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery is known for its fine artwork and array of designs. The art and style with which every ornament is crafted is worth the admiration. In a country like India, jewellery making is considered as a family business, a technique which is passed down through generations. In Indian culture, weddings and festivals are occasions […]