Jewellery Design: All About the Beautiful Floral Jewellery

Floral jewellery is beautiful, delicate and very elegant. In the ancient times, women would adorn themselves with different types of floral jewellery. Earrings, maangtika, necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. are some of the common floral jewellery worn by women on various occasions. Even in the modern times, floral jewellery is preferred for occasions such as mehendi, […]

Jewellery Design Guide- How to Select Ancient Jewellery

Nothing can beat the design, style and look of ancient jewellery. The artisans and craftsmen back then were gifted with the unique quality of crafting exquisite jewellery. Right from headgears to anklets, every ornament was crafted with precision and patience. Every ardent jewellery lover must possess a decent collection of antique ornaments as it’s worth […]

Jewellery Design Guide- Buying Jewellery for Yourself

Jewellery shopping for yourself can be an overwhelming experience and fun too. But how many of us are actually confident of picking the right piece? Buying jewellery is also a skill because it requires a basic understanding of gemstones, metals, makings, etc. Pursuing a jewellery design course helps in identifying the various types of precious […]

Jewellery Designing Practice: An Introduction to Jewellery Engraving

The first thing that any person would notice about a jewellery is the design. If the design is unique, it surely would get the attention of the buyer. The practice of chiselling jewellery is known as ‘engraving’. A piece of jewellery gets the perfect cut and shape only in the hands of a skilled craftsman. […]

Jewellery Design Tips: How to Carry Statement Earrings

Create a statement with your outfit or just a piece of jewellery. When you create a statement with an ornament, you instantly enhance your look. Among the many types of jewellery, you can create a statement with a pair of earrings too. You can incorporate it in your daily wear and add an element of […]

Jewellery Designing Info: Traditional Indian Jewellery

Indian jewellery is known for its fine artwork and array of designs. The art and style with which every ornament is crafted is worth the admiration. In a country like India, jewellery making is considered as a family business, a technique which is passed down through generations. In Indian culture, weddings and festivals are occasions […]

Jewellery Design Guide: Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Must Own

Need we ask what a woman’s best friend is? Yes, the popular adage says it’s a diamond. Well, it proves one point doubtlessly that jewellery has a big role in a woman’s life. It adds a glow to her face and sheen to her smile. The manner in which women select and buy jewellery is […]

Jewellery Design Guide: How to Choose Accessories for Your Outfit

Many of us are often in a dilemma that what kind of jewellery would suit a wedding, party or casual outfit. Considering the wide choice in jewellery, we mostly end up selecting the wrong types which eventually ruins the total look. In order to avoid such blunders, jewellery design education is important so that you […]

Jewellery Design: Taking Inspiration from Nature

Nature is bountiful! We all take inspiration from nature to create something of our own. Be it any form of art, in some way or the other nature is reflected in it. The best example of this is jewellery. We have a very close relation with jewellery which dates back thousands of years. Jewellery back […]

Jewellery Designing: 7 Useful Tips to know in Jewellery Retailing

Among many creative careers existing today, jewellery designing is a very prominent one. Starting from the smallest, simplest piece of jewellery to the most complex one, the process requires the skill, precision and craftsmanship of the people involved. Right from a jewellery illustrator to the final retailer, every person plays a significant role in the […]