3 Jewellery Designing Tips for 2020!

Just like clothes, even jewellery trends keep on changing, so one should focus on creating latest and exclusive designs. Jewellery Designing is an interesting filed, which requires a lot of skills and creativity. One should have the right knowledge to identify food quality materials like gemstones or various metals. If you plan to succeed in […]

4 Types of Necklaces You Can Make through Jewellery Designing

Necklaces make for an important part in every woman’s jewellery collection. While some prefer a dazzling piece, others like to keep it minimal and sophisticated. They can be made with metals, fabric, pearls or other gemstones. You can wear a delicate necklace with a dress or a heavier one with a lehenga. Join a Jewellery […]

4 Tools Popularly Used in Jewellery Designing!

Are you inspired by jewellery advertisements in different newspapers and magazines? If yes,   then you can learn and master this skill. Jewellery Designing is one of those creative fields that has seen a massive growth in the recent years. Most people are choosing this as their career and joining institutes that offer this in their […]

3 Tips from Experts to Get You Started in Jewellery Making!

Designing jewellery is fun and helps you explore your creative side to create masterpieces. When you are new to this business, you need to have knowledge of the basic rules of crafting various pieces of jewellery. With the right tips and proper guidance, you can become a successful designer. Here are 3 jewellery making tips […]

This Season, Make Your Own Floral Jewellery Designs & Set the Trend!

Floral jewellery is the new trend in the industry. Be it the bride, bridesmaid and other relatives everyone loves to wear such colourful jewellery pieces. You can opt to use real flowers or the clay ones and make your own designs. Become a trend-setter and craft beautiful floral jewellery for friends, family and yourself. You […]

5 Stunning Oxidised Jewellery Pieces for you!

Oxidised jewellery is trending and the antique look when combined with ethnic wear is considered to be fashionable. Jewellery Designingindustryis now been focusing on different patterns to make use of this metal.  Youngsters prefer the good luck charms, beaded necklaces and rings. The practice of stacking rings has made the oxidised look stylish. Oxidised gold […]

3 Pendants that are Trending in the Jewellery Designing Industry!

Pendants are one of the most elegant pieces of women’s jewellery. The best part of this accessory is that they are lightweight, affordable and can be worn every day. This is also that piece of jewellery, which looks gorgeous on women of all ages. Through fashion Jewellery Designing course, you can learn the art of […]

Love Jewellery Designing? Here are 3 Must-Have Earrings for Trendy Women!

Earrings are a huge part of every woman’s accessory collections. They can easily transform a simple outfit into a glamorous one. Whether you are preparing for a party or wedding, these are necessary in every girl’s jewellery box. You can join a fashion Jewellery Designing course and learn making some timeless earrings from professionals. Flaunt […]

4 Gemstones Popularly Used for Jewellery Designing!

Gemstones are mineral crystals, which are cut and polished to use as embellishments in jewellery. They have been adding glitz to jewellery for centuries and are still many woman’s favourite. Today, these are graded and analysed by international standards, which ensure that consumers get authentic jewel from their jeweller. Gemstones are available in a range […]

3 Jewellery Designing Ideas to Use Ruby!

There are rubies available in a wide array of hues to perfectly match your wardrobe and style. Whether coloured with blood red intensity or cotton candy softness, these lovely gemstones continue to amaze us year after year. This classic gem can be worn in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, maang tikas and bracelets. So, […]