3 Interesting Career Options in Photography!

With the consistent growth in media and the digital industry, photography, as a career, has seen a rise in India. Photography was once considered as a hobby but now it is one of the most lucrative career options for the youth. There are a lot of career options in Photography from portrait photography to commercial […]

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Portrait Photography Skills!

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. It captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops and poses. You need to have the right skills and artist’s expression to be able to click stunning pictures. This type of photography is all about capturing a stunning portrait that evokes […]

4 Photography Tips for Beginners to Get the Perfect Frame!

Photography is a passion for many and they display it through their amazing shots with unique perspectives. But to capture a good shot, there’s much more than just pulling out your camera and clicking a few photos. To gain the right skills, you can join the Photography classes in Hyderabad to learn from professionals. Here are […]

3 Simple Tips for Fashion Photography!

Fashion photography is all about showcasing the beauty of clothes, make-up, accessories and so much more. So, it is important for the photographer to pull all the elements of the background and model together. It’s a competitive industry and requires you to have exceptional skills to gain fame and prove your worth. You can join […]

4 Tips to Improve Your Wildlife Photography Skills!

Wildlife is a realm of photography that requires adequate knowledge, a lot of patience and sheer good luck. While there are many shutterbugs who click animals, however, the ones that shows a different perspective is worth all the efforts. Before you set out to click your subject, it is important to read and understand it […]

3 Ways You Can Capture Food through Amazing Photography Skills!

Photography is an art of storytelling through captivating frames. As a photographer, you can capture nature, portraits, wildlife, architecture, fashion, food and tell tales of everything around you. These days, one of the most common and tempting genre of photography is food. Through food photography, you get to click amazing pictures of some mouth-watering dishes […]

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Architectural Photography Skills!

The magnificent architecture we see in most of the cities is a form of art. As we know, Hyderabad is a hub of these artistic buildings. If you want to capture the beauty of these places, you will need brilliant photography skills. From slanting lines that should be photographed straight to finding the right light […]

Use Unique Props to Enhance Your Photography!

Props are an important part of photography, they can either enhance or mess up your frame. As a Photographer, you should use props that improve the composition and add a visual impact to it. Professional studios commonly use props like stools, potted plants, hats, flowers and so much more. Through expert Photography classes, you’ll know […]

Hamstech 2019: The Year so Far!

Hamstech provides a perfect Launchpad for young creative talents through annual sale and exhibitions that showcase the unique artistry, imagination and creativity of its students. In their biggest Interior Designing annual event, our students showcased their ideation abilities and imagination to create uniqueness out of rags. At their annual Photography Exhibition, Pixel Perfect, our students […]

3 Tips for Amazing Winter Photography!

The morning dew and snow clads are some of the best views that winter offers. If you step out to capture nature during winters, you can be certain that your morning shivers will be totally worth it! Through a weekend Photography course, you can improve your clicking abilities without compromising on your regular life. The […]