4 Tips to Enhance Your Monochromatic Photography Skills!

There was a time when black and white photographs were the only means of capturing moments. Ever since the coloured camera was invented, this became a less-pursued field. However, this trend has made a huge comeback in recent times and often, people prefer monochrome frames over coloured ones. Models, Influencers or photographers, prefer clicking stunning […]

Why You Need A Honours Degree in a Creative Course from Hamstech!

We are all passionate about our hobbies, aren’t we? But most of us fail to turn our passion into a profession because we don’t have a degree to prove our capabilities and talents. Hamstech, now, brings to you an incredible opportunity that will help you pursue your creative abilities that open a wide range of […]

Use Unique Props to Enhance Your Photography!

Props are an important part of photography, they can either enhance or mess up your frame. As a Photographer, you should use props that improve the composition and add a visual impact to it. Professional studios commonly use props like stools, potted plants, hats, flowers and so much more. Through expert Photography classes, you’ll know […]

3 Photography Tips to Capture the Beauty of Autumn!

The rustic colours of autumn make for some breath-taking photographs. Be it cities, suburbs or the countryside, you will be able to capture one-of-a-kind frames. From the trees to architecture to the people- all your subjects appear extra appealing. Many photographers wait for the entire year to capture the beauty of autumn. To help capture […]

4 Innovative Photography Ideas that Beautifully Capture Nature!

Nature photography is a very popular stream of visual arts. Photographers from this realm venture into the outdoors to click timely and inspired shots. These include landscapes, wildlife, plants, trees, flowers, sunsets & sunrises, mountain ranges and so much more! Let’s see how Nature Photography can be taken to the next level with the following […]

Learn Macro Photography to Capture These Interesting Subjects

Macro photography is the art of capturing extremely close up images of subjects to make them look much bigger than they actually are. This is the perfect genre for those who want to click artistic and highly compelling photos. For those who do not have a proper camera, you can attach a clip-on macro lens […]

3 Things That You Can Capture Through Night Photography

Nights have a different story to tell. Many things that appear dull and boring under the broad day light, appears amazing in the dark. A busy road or a traffic jam is very annoying but when the cacophony is captured through the lens of a camera, especially during the night, it appears dreamy. There are […]

Planning to Do Aerial Photography? Here Are Top 3 Tips!

Aerial Photography is the art of taking pictures while you fly. The pictures taken through this technique are stunning and show the true beauty of nature. Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, parachutes and vehicle-mounted poles are some of the amazing things used in professional aerial photography.   The advancement in technology has made this […]

This Festive Season, Try Smoke Bomb Photography & Display Your Skills

These days, many people are learning and experimenting with Photography. There are different techniques used to improve the quality of frames and smoke photography is one of them. You must have seen some beautiful photos with colourful smoke as an element. These are captured with the help of smoke grenades. This is popular to shoot […]

3 Tips to Perfectly Capture Your Four-Legged family

For pet owners, these cute 4-legged beings are no less than their own kids. Just like parents capture everything done by their child, people with pets love to capture everything these animals do. Something that is similar between children and animals is that both of them are unpredictable. When you try to click photos of […]