5 Tips to Get the Perfect Summer Click

While most people curse summer for the scorching heat, for photographers it is an ideal time to capture amazing frames amidst the nature. Most of the photography courses in India, teach the student techniques for a summer click. If you love clicking pictures and want to be a part of this glamorous industry, a professional […]

5 Excellent Themes For Indoor Photography

It is often seen that indoor photography is the first theme that people learn in their photography lessons. A lot of trial and error happen before mastering the art of photography. This is true with photography classes too. Students keep experimenting as they learn. Indoor photography is often the first instance of experimental learning of […]

Best Decisions You Can Make as a Photographer

If you have attended the best photography classes, you will know the art of creating wonders with just a click. Here are the few steps that will help you become a better photographer

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Natural Light to Click Great Photos

Natural light is a major component of photography. It is almost the only reason an image can exist. Once you click the shutter of a camera, light enters the camera transforming the image into electric signals. It then turns into pixels in a digital photograph. Before we dive into the details of the fundamentals of […]

Click Night-Time Pictures Like A Pro!

Taking dramatic photographs at night requires a different mindset. It can be quite challenging for beginners. There are a few steps that you need to follow while clicking pictures during night time. These include manipulation of the aperture, ISO and shutter speed among many other things. Night photography is a very interesting topic for a […]

How to Prepare for a Photography Exhibition

It’s a photographer’s greatest wish to exhibit his/her works to the world and get appreciated. Photography exhibitions provide an excellent stage that photographers can use to get ahead in their craft with recognition! Exhibitions also help the photographers get some amount of revenue that would help him/her to make expenses for better pictures. As a […]

Understanding Instagram Filters

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to post and share pictures that could show off your prowess in photography or convey messages. Aimed at the effective use of pictures, the platform also makes it possible to enhance your shots with a variety of image filters. The success of Instagram comes from the […]

Top 3 Tips For Taking Better Event Photographs

Taking photographs in an event is a real challenge. Taking photos at the events is a specialised area of work. The training for which is acquired from photography courses. This is very necessary for a professional level engagement.   This work requires the photographer to be aware of the surroundings and take the photographs without […]

4 Common Misconceptions Beginners Have About Photography

We have all been the victims of photography misconceptions at some point. There are a lot of misconceptions about photography that many still believe. Whether it is about assuming that a new camera will make you a better photograph or the all-too-common ’shutter speed affects flash exposure’, both beginners and experienced photographers have their own […]

Advertising Photography – The Rules for Success

Almost everything people trust to buy is advertised. That’s a fact and is the inspiration for advertisers who employ photography as a tool to popularise a product or service. Why photography? That’s because people wish to see what they are getting: the product and/or the results. Impactful advertising is the biggest advantage of a well-planned […]