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Want to Try Something New this Weekend? Try Sky Photography

Aren’t we all mesmerised by the beauty of the sky? Be it night or day, the sky always looks beautiful. If you love nature photography, you might have taken numerous photos of the sky. However, adding a few elements to your frames can automatically make it more interesting. According to the top Photography college in […]

4 Tips for Product Photography

Most photographers know the basics of good product photography. To start with, you will need good lighting and knowledge of the appropriate lenses. Photography Classes are a great way to improve your skills. Product photography can be a fun endeavour, pushing your creativity to new heights. Photography Colleges teach you all the techniques required to […]

3 Ways to Make Money from Stock Photography

Before we get started, let’s understand what is meant by stock photography. Selling your photographs and giving someone the license to use them is known as stock photography. Capturing moments has become a trend now. Whenever we go out, we love to click picture of others or take selfies with our friends, isn’t it? If […]

4 Tips to Click Stunning Landscape Photography

No matter what your experience in the field of photography is, most people love landscape photos. Pick any subject, location or weather conditions, the results you get from this photography technique will always be amazing. You can take Photography Classes to learn the right techniques from professionals. If time is the constraint for you in […]

3 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence is Changing The Future Of Photography

Photography is no longer just a hobby. It is not just being used just to capture special moments, but also to sell or promote a service or product. These days, more people are choosing this as a full-time career option.This demand for photography has led to a lot innovations, like artificial intelligence and image recognition […]

Hamstech’s 3rd Annual Photography Exhibition Was A Huge Success

Hamstech hosted Pixel Perfect, on 27th July 2019. It was their 3rd annual photography exhibition where each student showcased their distinct talent in this field. The event was all about artistic frames and unique perspectives beautifully transformed from ‘lens to life’. Hamstech is known as one of the best Photography colleges in Hyderabad. Students are […]

5 Tips to Get the Perfect Summer Click

While most people curse summer for the scorching heat, for photographers it is an ideal time to capture amazing frames amidst the nature. Most of the photography courses in India, teach the student techniques for a summer click. If you love clicking pictures and want to be a part of this glamorous industry, a professional […]

4 Tips for Shooting in Rainy Season

Being passionate about photography isn’t enough to become a fine photographer. Along with the skills, you also need the right technical knowledge to capture the best frame. Hamstech is the best place to learn photography in Hyderabad. At Hamstech, you get trained by the industry experts and learn minute details about clicking pictures through the […]

Challenges In a Photography Career & How to Overcome Them

We have often heard that ‘nothing comes easy in life’. The same applies to photography. Though photography is one of the most trending professions of this era, there are several obstacles every photographer faces in the initial phase of his career. Addressing the top 3 challenges most students face after mastering the art of photography […]

A Guide to Start a Photography Business

Most of us love to click pictures. If you are a novice, some pictures are good, some are bad. If you already have a knack of clicking pictures, you might be aware of the basic techniques of photography. However, this is not sufficient to build a career in photography. Especially if you have plans to […]