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All About Photography & its Need in Today’s World

As technology is advancing with the change in time, people are becoming more equipped with different gadgets. In every field, advanced technologies are introduced every day resulting in the efficiency to work. The same is with photography. The introduction of new cameras and lenses can capture every detail which human eyes cannot capture. With UV, […]

Photography Tips for Better Portraits

Occasionally, we find faces timeless and capture them in a portrait that immortalises them. Portrait photography is for many photographers their category of specialisation. Those attempting to gain mastery in it are keen not to just click faces, but render it as a timeless composition. Many photography schools train students in this exclusive category of […]

5 Tips on How to Choose a Camera for Fashion Photography

There is so much to explore in photography. Out of the many genres in photography, fashion photography is quite renowned. Fashion photography has many elements to it such as camera, composition, colour scheme, etc. All these elements cohesively play a crucial role in bringing out the best picture. However, out of all these elements, a […]

Blog Class: Mastering Long Exposure in Photography

Long exposure is one of the many wonderful techniques used to create breath-taking photographic effects. This technique has spawned an art in itself with its appeal is growing by the day. Long exposure is achieved by opening the camera shutter for a long period of time. This lets more light into the camera, making moving […]

Find your Perspective with a Photography Course

Quite often you would have noticed photographers bending over or trying to position themselves in a certain angle to click a photo. All these acts may seem a little funny but there’s a purpose to them. It all comes down to one simple word that plays a vital role in photography: “Perspective”! Every clicked photograph […]

5 Tips for making the Best Photography Portfolio

What are your thoughts when you walk into a friend’s place and see a beautifully framed photograph? Your obvious thoughts are, “Oh what a lovely photograph it is!” or “The photographer must be very talented!” Had you known the secret behind that picture, you sure would have been amazed. There’s always a technique used by […]

How to Make Most of Your Photography Training

Certification in photography is not just a valid introduction. It’s an affirmation that one has learned basics and above of photography and has put years of passion and effort to discover a lot about it. A certified photographer is better by how much of the opportunity to learn from experts in an academic setup and […]

Fundamentals Taught in Photography Courses

Learning photography is a study of art and technique. There are different directions in which the study would progress. The curriculum of a photography training institute gives the student comprehensive insight and practice into achieving good photos. The fundamentals in more than a technical sense has to be imparted, because of a prominent element of […]

6 DONOT’S of Photography Courses for Real Results

Many a times a student expects a magic move he/she is going to learn to start clicking pictures that define perfection. Then the guru comes in and faces the challenge of educating and motivating such impatient students. We are going to discuss what works best for a good classroom that delivers lessons in the art […]

6 Ways to Prevent your Photography Skills from Rusting!

Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” This quote stands true to the fact that photography is not just a profession you learn, but a passion that’s innate. Photography is indeed an art. If you possess an eye for detail and a drive to capture moments, do nurture it by […]