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Find your Perspective with a Photography Course

Quite often you would have noticed photographers bending over or trying to position themselves in a certain angle to click a photo. All these acts may seem a little funny but there’s a purpose to them. It all comes down to one simple word that plays a vital role in photography: “Perspective”! Every clicked photograph […]

5 Tips for making the Best Photography Portfolio

What are your thoughts when you walk into a friend’s place and see a beautifully framed photograph? Your obvious thoughts are, “Oh what a lovely photograph it is!” or “The photographer must be very talented!” Had you known the secret behind that picture, you sure would have been amazed. There’s always a technique used by […]

How to Make Most of Your Photography Training

Certification in photography is not just a valid introduction. It’s an affirmation that one has learned basics and above of photography and has put years of passion and effort to discover a lot about it. A certified photographer is better by how much of the opportunity to learn from experts in an academic setup and […]