Hamstech 2019: The Year so Far!

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Hamstech provides a perfect Launchpad for young creative talents through annual sale and exhibitions that showcase the unique artistry, imagination and creativity of its students. In their biggest Interior Designing annual event, our students showcased their ideation abilities and imagination to create uniqueness out of rags. At their annual Photography Exhibition, Pixel Perfect, our students […]

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3 Photography Tips to Capture the Beauty of Autumn!

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The rustic colours of autumn make for some breath-taking photographs. Be it cities, suburbs or the countryside, you will be able to capture one-of-a-kind frames. From the trees to architecture to the people- all your subjects appear extra appealing. Many photographers wait for the entire year to capture the beauty of autumn. To help capture […]

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4 Innovative Photography Ideas that Beautifully Capture Nature!

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Nature photography is a very popular stream of visual arts. Photographers from this realm venture into the outdoors to click timely and inspired shots. These include landscapes, wildlife, plants, trees, flowers, sunsets & sunrises, mountain ranges and so much more! Let’s see how Nature Photography can be taken to the next level with the following […]

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Planning to Do Aerial Photography? Here Are Top 3 Tips!

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Aerial Photography is the art of taking pictures while you fly. The pictures taken through this technique are stunning and show the true beauty of nature. Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, parachutes and vehicle-mounted poles are some of the amazing things used in professional aerial photography.   The advancement in technology has made this […]

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