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Fashion Design: Casual Wear for Casual Moments

    Well, well! You must have come across that moment of rush at least once in your life when the street suddenly seems OK to tap your foot to the tune. It could also be your most cherished casual moment, which need not be left out without an apt yet fashionable outfit to complement […]

Fashion Design Guide: Types of Neckties and When to Wear Them

A tie is considered as a must-have accessory in a man’s wardrobe. It comes very handy for various occasions such as a party, formal meeting or an interview. When paired right, it can instantly glam up the look. Today, there are many fashion designing brands that have come up with amazing designs and styles. Ties […]

Hamstech Wins the India Education Award 2018

Hamstech’s efforts to provide quality education to build a talented generation of creative professionals has been on for over 26 years. In this period, it has earned great reputation and many deserving accolades. The latest, albeit a very distinguished achievement has come this year to the institution: the India Education Award 2018 for the Best […]

Fashion Design Trivia: Most iconic T-shirt Designs

T-shirts or tees, are famous for being the perfect garment to carry some sentiment, message, craze or attitude around. Designing tees have a great scope for adding prints that can be sheer patterns or some text play or imagery which gives out some message loud and clear. It will be fun to check out some […]

Fashion Design Fusions: Few Great Indo-Western Combos

Fusion can be a great opportunity for creating a unique fashion statement. The combinations of spectacular Indian wear with Indian flavours of colours, art and patterns can well be matched amazingly with Western wear. In Indian fashion designing, the trend of fusion has not only been a direction taken by designers to innovate, but also […]

Fashion Design Styles: The Stylish Mandarin Collars

Fashion has a worldwide appeal and exactly due to that, some typical styles of outfits get accepted around the world irrespective of nationalities and political boundaries. It’s not surprising that the Mandarin collar has caught on as a raging trend today with the increasing appeal for it among fashion enthusiasts. The ‘Mandarin’ in ‘Mandarin Collar’ […]

Fashion Design Tips: How to Match your Handbag with your Clothes

Accessories make an important part of our wardrobe as they help complete the look. Bags, shoes, belts and watches just to name a few, are accessories paired with every day wear. Considering the rapid change in fashion, accessory designing too has gained pace. It has now become a much sought after career. A couple of […]

Hamstech’s Fashion Styling Students’ Day with the Master

What if you get a chance to dress a celebrity for an award function? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s as real as it sounds in a career such as fashion styling. You could not only get to become a celebrity stylist but also choose from a variety of careers such as personal stylist or […]

Fashion Design Guide: Common Fashion Fails to be Wary Of

We understand fashion is a craze for many. But appropriateness is not a new concept and works great in different occasions of life. Fashion fails need not be always the result of ignorance. The vices of overconfidence, desperation, bad advice, imitation and compromise makes many a wardrobe just a pile of evidence of an identity […]

Hamstech Fashion Show Winners: Vairagya

India is a country known for its diverse culture. Each state follows a unique tradition and people speak different languages. Being a multilingual country, here fashion too has different flavours. The dressing style varies from one state to another. With such diversity of fashion, fashion design institutes have a huge variety of Indian fashion for […]