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Take Your Client Through the Interior Journey

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It is important to give the right presentation to your client when it comes to interior design. This is important to complete the project successfully. A walk-through is the best way to present an interior design.

Be it through sketches or simulation, a walk-through should include all the salient details of the interior. Students are trained in this manner in an interior design course.

The dynamics of interior presentation are rooted in architectural drawings. While the basic measurements and layout of the structure are created with architectural variables, the detailing are added for interior designing.

It is important to decide the manner in which the interior is explored by the client during a presentation. Interior Designing courses give great importance to this exercise.

Here are a few important things to remember while presenting your interior presentation to the client via a walk-through:

Plan to Present the Pattern of Movement

It matters how you begin and take the client through different parts of the space you designed. Even if it is about a room, you still have to begin by addressing the manner in which the room is accessed. Then, as you enter the room, talk about the particulars of what you see first and what you find in the room must be explained.

Detailing is Key

Interior design sketches should have the element of detailing. This is influenced by the purpose, theme and the decorative specifics decided for the particular room or space. Determine where the accessories will be placed and what colour schemes will be used for the interior. Depict the decor pieces clearly so that the client can appreciate the overall effect achieved.

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Perspective is King

While presenting a space, perspective plays an important role. Decide what viewing angles will highlight the features of the interior best. Be it on a board or in a 3D simulation, ensure that the client never misses the feel of using the room.

Involve the client

The involvement of the designer in the presentation is extremely important. Explain the features in a learned and confident fashion. Convince the client why the design is effective and how it satisfies his/her needs. Also, emphasise on the functionality.

With these factors in mind, interior design presentation becomes professional and garners the merit and confidence of the client. Practice this well and you will meet success in every project undoubtedly.

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