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The Art of Reviewing Fashion

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The fashion world features a lot of events including fashion shows, movie red carpets, award shows and celebrity parties. In these events, besides fashion designers, the involvement of fashion reviewers is also seen.  These reviewers give their expert opinions and information on the glamour factor and style updates that sets the momentum for fashion designers and fashion labels.


The art of reviewing fashion wear or fashion events is a skill that is acquired with the close observation of fashion around the world and good knowledge in the field of fashion designing. Those who graduate from fashion designing institutes can also choose to be reviewers for fashion events and collections, which then becomes a specialised task. With a flair for writing, this activity can be a very lucrative one too, besides being a highly in-demand professional talent.


A review content has to be creative, factual and suggestive with a definite perspective. These reviews can potentially be a catalyst in shaping customer outlook and subsequently, trends.


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An Attractive Title


The title of a review should be catchy for sure. It should highlight the most glaring observation of the event or collection to induce interest. Fashion designing colleges train students in introducing their collections in presentations with impressive titles. The title is the most important part of a well-organised content.


Personalise the Review


It becomes necessary for a reviewer to try or witness the garment or experience the event to give an honest and personalised opinion. The genuineness of a review depends on the perspective and observation maintained by a fashion reviewer.


The Audience Counts


Every review has to have its audience. The type of audience depends on the reach of the event itself. An international event or couture may not be of interest to a localised crowd. So a review published in a regional magazine should ideally be targeted at the indigenous crowd and should ideally feature a more regional fashion flavour. The language, vocabulary and mentions will also be decided based on the audience of the review.


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Balanced Statements


Reviewing a specific fashion entity will involve witnessing varying degrees of negative and positive aspects. The best way to review would be to back a bad review up with some good observations and suggest a few improvements in a good review. Staying honest with the opinions will become greatly nourishing for the quality of the review. Such a balanced approach are developed and perfected during training at fashion designing institutes in hyderabad.


Pictures in the Review


It is a highly recommended practice to add pictures in the review. They give a visual reference to the points mentioned, making it easier for the reader to understand the observation made. It makes the review a more appealing read too.

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