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The Art of Still Life Sketching

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Art is a mirror to the world. So much more literally when it is involves drawing, sketching and painting. In any field of activity, when it comes to presenting concepts, ideas, products or services, graphics play a pivotal role. Artists, through generations, have nourished the art of depiction with innumerable styles and methods. When it combines with digital art technology, the results get all the more refined and captivating.


Graphic designers are considered masters of digital image creation. In their hands, through image editing software, painting what is pictured in the mind apparently becomes easy and improvable. But, the ability to sketch on paper serves as a huge advantage, especially in the conception stage of the core idea or image.


In the curriculum of graphic design institutes, still life sketching is dealt with while teaching the basics of graphic rendering. The skill to draw objects, symbols or activity shows great utility while presenting a visual version of an idea. The level of sophistication and detailing needed for a particular subject shows clearly in the hand sketches that act as precursors to an elaborate digital artwork.


How Real can Still Life Sketching Be


There are two parts to the process of real life drawing: sketching and painting. In sketching, one deals with:


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Shapes and Form


Drawing or combining basic shapes to form more refined or complicated objects constitutes the basic skills of sketching. While drawing, a clear sense of proportion, relative size, angles and perspective is necessary to express the idea sensibly and accurately. This is the first step that forms the skeleton of the sketch.


The line drawing can be stick-men for animate subjects that can be improved upon by adding form and details as subsequent steps. If this sounds interesting to you, join an institute of graphic designing to learn more.




Shades are done in sketches to add depth and hence an increased realism. Shades can be used to demonstrate the surface effectively or the effect of light falling on the subject.



Adding shadows gives naturality to the objects in the sketch and can also be instrumental in depicting outdoor scenarios.


With enough emphasis on these basic aspects, realism can be achieved with distinct detailing. You can learn more about this joining graphic design courses.


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How Sketching Matters to Graphic Design


It presents the basic visualisation of what is expected from the digital version.


Sketching immensely helps in forming the basic visualisation of any digitally created design. When a sketch is presented, evaluated and improved upon as per requirements, it finally forms a clarity on what has to be made on the digital platform without wasting effort on a computer.


It could depict part of the blueprint for an elaborate product like a website.

There are digital tools available to construct the skeleton and basic design of a product like a website. But sketching certain objects that are part of the design can truly put a designer’s thoughts in simple format with all the essential details.


It can literally be the base for digitally developing brand symbols like a logo.

When a logo design forms in a sketch on paper, there comes the element of originality that is a salient feature of a unique brand identity. Many a time, designers scan a sketch and develop the digital version over it with an image editing software.


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