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The Current Climate of Interior Designing

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Interior designers bring art, textures, lighting, furnishings and fixtures together in a manner that make a home, office, business or public space more pleasing or functional. They work in all types of building, from airports and shopping centres to restaurants and high rise office buildings, using furniture, colours, wall coverings and window treatments to help a space achieve its primary purpose.

Increasingly, interior designers are taking a hands-on role in architectural details, including renovation and remodeling ideas. They are now inclining towards familiarising themselves with the story of the profession, including trends that have come and gone.

That’s why at Hamstech institute, all students pursuing our interior designing course, learn strong drafting, measuring and tailoring skills. Develop a deep working knowledge of colour palettes, sketching and architectural details.
interior design course
These basic skills aren’t interior design training requirements, but are essential to the work and will assist you in deciding if this is the right profession for you. Hamstech’s curriculum introduces its students to the fundamentals – spatial planning, furniture design, blueprint drafting and computer-aided design.

With a certified degree or diploma, graduates, quite frequently, find work as an assistant to a licensed interior designer. This gives graduates important experience and opportunities to improve their portfolio.

A bachelor’s degree allows today’s graduates to work as an apprentice for a licensed interior designer or in a design firm, furniture store or architect’s office.
zeroing-in on your specialization or key area of interest can improve your likelihood of landing the right job, according to some interior design institutes. Many interior designers also earn special certifications, like those offered by the Hamstech’s certificate diplomas.

In accordance with the current statistics of alumni from most interior designing institutes, self-employment is common among budding designers. Some might work for small businesses or find employment on a contract basis.


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Experienced designers who work with bigger firms or own their own stores/enterprises, might advance to design department head, chief designer or other positions that put them in charge of up-and-coming entrants.

In today’s commercial climate of competitive professionals, start-ups and easy access to education, it is very important to keep abreast with what’s in trend and what’s the right choice for you.

At Hamstech, we encourage our students to gain exposure by providing them with guest lectures from national and international designers, a celebrity mentor like Ms. Shabnam Gupta and timely visits to the manufacturing units or other industrial project sites.

Our faculty also help the students to garner both academic as well as practical knowledge through internships, training programmes etc. so that they emerge as industry-ready professionals and not just bookish scholars.


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Today it’s not just styles that are modern or contemporary but also the mindset of this commercial sector. Interior designing is no longer an occupation but a competitive art that can be outdone or outlived by newer talent.

So, here’s a final tip to all present and potential interior designing students of Hamstech: Stay focused on your skill, stay honest to your talent and stay confident for a successful career!

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