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The What, Why and How of Metalsmithing

Jewellery making is a beautiful art. Every piece of jewellery is carefully designed and crafted to get that perfect finish. This is best done by well-trained artisans and craftsmen who actually sit through the entire process of jewellery making.

Other than gems and stones, jewellery designing greatly involves working with precious metals like gold, silver, copper, etc. Metal manipulating and chiseling to the tiniest millimeter is quite a task, and it can only be done only by a well trained and certified person.

Working with metals is not an easy job. It involves the use of hundreds of tools of different sizes and shapes specifically designed for metalsmithing.

For most people the word ‘Metalsmithing’ may sound relatively new as only a few people have a fair idea about it. This is best understood if you’ve been a part of a jewellery design class at Hamstech institute. So, let us understand what exactly is metalsmithing, why and how is it done.

What is Metalsmithing?


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Metalsmithing involves the use of many techniques that eventually end up with similar results. Here, the person has to have complete control of the material. Metalsmithing is a skill, it requires the capability of shaping the metal into a predetermined size, shape and volume to fit a design.

Hamstech, a well-known jewellery designing institute in Hyderabad offers excellent technical training in jewellery making. The course curriculum covers a vast gamut of topics in jewellery making of which metalsmithing is one such topic.

Why and How is metalsmithing done?

Earlier, the old technique of sawing and soldering was followed by craftsmen who had complete control of their work.

To begin with, metalsmithing requires a blueprint or a sketch of the design along with the material required. In metalsmithing, the hammering is done while the metal is really hot because that’s when the metal takes the desired shape. It is also during this time that the artisan engraves precious stones and gems in the metal.

In Hamstech’s jewellery design course, the focus is on increasing the technical skills of students. Through basic metalsmithing technique, students are able to get a hands-on experience. Almost by the end of the course, every student is able to design, draw and compose small pieces of jewellery.


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At Hamstech, other than basic metalsmithing students are also taught other technique related to metalsmithing like metal shaping, texture design on metal surface, etc.

The course curriculum also includes topics like history of jewellery, jewellery retailing, gemology, costume jewellery, etc. This curriculum is specifically designed for students so they get a complete knowledge of the jewellery designing course.

Hence, following the right technique of metalsmithing, jewellery designing is so much fun and easy. Career opportunities are vast in this field. A student can look forward to becoming a fashion jewellery designer or an accessory designer.

So, if you have discovered your new found love for jewellery designing, this is the right time for you to enroll in a jewellery designing course. Create a dazzling piece so its remembered for a lifetime.


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