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Fashion Designing is a vast area with a lot of unique specialisations. One of the most common and popular ones being garment/apparel design. Now apparel is nothing but clothing, different types of it! We see clothes around us every day and they are an essential part of our daily life. They are further sorted into various categories like top wear, bottom wear, night wear, party wear casual wear and so on. You can find a lot of new designs and collections both online and offline in stores. We do have a variety of options to choose from while shopping for clothing.

There are often times when we are looking for a certain kind of design, pattern or print depending on what we are planning to wear it with. To find a similar kind of design that you have on your mind, it will take a lot of market research and window shopping. Sometimes getting it tailor-made to your likes is convenient and cost effective. At times like these or if in general you like designing clothes as per your liking there are certain things to keep in mind.

Fashion Designing is a course with many layers, to learn all about designing and their different processes and methods join a fashion designing course like the one offered by Hamstech. They have different course options for your convenience to opt from. Now there are some basic things that we would like to share about designing a garment. Keep these things in mind the next time you start working on a design of your own!

Market Research

Garment Design Market Research

Market research is doing your background work on what’s trending and what works for you before you finalise a design to work on. There are numerous designs in the market with new ones popping up every day. When you are designing a garment, it’s important to take into account the occasion, weather, your likes and comfort while picking a design. Worry not, there are design inspirations all around you especially on the internet. Look through different styles and patterns then decide the kind of design that would work for you. You have to keep in mind your comfort and freedom of movement before designing any garment.

Design Sketch

After you research, you’ll have a rough idea of what you want your garment to look like. Sketch it down, it doesn’t have to be a professional fashion illustration it just has to be a sketch that you will understand with details mentioned. Write down the colors, fabrics, prints you would like to use. It’s always better to have a design with detailed labeling, you can always change it based on the availability of items. Mention extra elements that you would like to add if any or some changes that you are open to making. Having it all in one place will help you in visualising your design.


Fabric Sourcing

Garment Design Fabric Sourcing

Next comes fabric sourcing, carrying your design sketch (1) along with you while looking for fabrics is a good idea. You might often end up finding a lot of new fabrics, different from what you wanted. When you are sourcing fabrics, it is important to keep your mind open and find alternatives if needed. You can’t expect to find the exact same kind of fabric that you are looking for! Look at the options available and improvise on it. It is also important to keep in mind the fall and pattern of your design to select a fabric accordingly. You can take suggestions from the vendor, as they will know how the fabrics will behave. Also shop for trims like buttons and zippers if you have a particular choice that you would like to have.


Garment Design Fitting

Once you are done sourcing all your fabrics, you are going to be heading straight to a tailor to get your outfit stitched. Be specific with the kind of end result that you are expecting. You need to give clear instructions and make sure your tailor has a good understanding of what you want. Ill fitted clothing aren’t flattering at all, they end up making the whole outfit look shoddy. You want that fitting to be snug and comfortable.

Alterations & Finishing

Garment Design Alterations & Finishing

There will be a trial fitting once your outfit is ready. It might be a little tight or loose compared to how you wanted it to be. Get it fitted and altered to your measurements and liking. Also check for the finishing of the garment. Make sure it’s neatly stitched and that the seams are intact, any other tiny changes you might want get it done there itself.

Designing a whole outfit from scratch is much more elaborate and detailed. We have mentioned the basic steps you need to keep in mind while designing an outfit for yourself. To learn about different designing techniques, garment making methods and a lot more about apparel designing enroll with a fashion designing course. Hamstech offers a variety of course options based on your requirement. All the fashion designing courses at Hamstech are thoughtfully crafted to meet the current fashion industry standards. You’ll have celebrity fashion designer Neeta Lulla sharing her expertise and mentoring you through your course of fashion designing! We have your designing doubts answered all in one place, visit the Hamstech official website for further information.

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