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Thinking Aerial Photography? Click with Hamstech

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Photography lovers have always loved to see expansion captured in frames, by using aerial photography. One of the most popular forms of photography is by capturing the view from the top. This presents a unique perspective of the subject clicked. The frame gives a whole new definition to a subject which is the appeal of aerial photography.

The history of aerial photography has the origins at the hands of spirited amateur photographers. They took the camera high with balloons and kites. Gaspar Felix Tournachon made history by taking the first successful aerial photograph from a hot air balloon, in 1858.

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You must be fascinated to know from your photography training institute that a photographer named Julius Neubronner used to strap cameras to pigeons to capture aerial photographs. The development of different techniques used in taking aerial photography, happened significantly after the Wright brothers invented the aircraft.

Aerial images became common in reporting during World War 2. The advancement in aerial photography is a very interesting subject to a student at a photography school. As we touched the skies and went beyond, the cameras followed and everything from cityscapes to space was clicked.

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Today, drones that are remote controlled reach places and snap pictures. This kind of photography was unimaginable even a few years ago. This is complemented by high resolution cameras that can give great clarity to pictures as students of photography colleges will know.

The appeal of aerial photography comes from these factors:

  • The coverage it gives and the snapshot view that can be used to track a specific place as on a map.
  • Comparative imagery that gives a good idea about properties like size, density and distribution.
  • An artistic beauty generated by patterns of visual elements like natural landscapes.

The beauty and effectiveness of a bird’s eye view from an artistic and functional viewpoint makes aerial photography fascinating.

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Hamstech’s course in photography deals with this mode of photography and gives a good knowledge of its creative possibilities. With equipment like drones, learning aerial photography has become a liberating experience that Hamstech’s students don’t miss.

The students learn the application of aerial photography to effectively apply in the areas of:

  • Urban studies, involving taking pictures of urban landscapes to present and assess the conditions from a bird’s eye view.
  • Biological conservation projects, where the snapshot of environmental conditions on a map-like image of distribution helps immensely.
  • Journalism, where covering events or locations can be done with clarity and comprehensively, made possible with skillful aerial photography.
  • Media and entertainment, where projects like ads, shows and events can be impressively captured. They especially enrich the result with great coverage of a crowd of elements.

If you are enthusiastic about photography, take your chance to learn from the experts with state-of-art tools, Hamstech, the happening art of aerial photography.

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