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Top 3 Tips For Taking Better Event Photographs

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Taking photographs in an event is a real challenge. Taking photos at the events is a specialised area of work. The training for which is acquired from photography courses. This is very necessary for a professional level engagement.


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This work requires the photographer to be aware of the surroundings and take the photographs without disturbing the guests at the event. Through this blog, we will talk about the top 3 tips for taking better photographs at an event. Below are the top 3 tips for taking better event photographs.

#1 Do your research

Proper preparation for logistics saves you a lot of time and helps in figuring out the critical flaws and errors. Utilise this time to understand the surroundings, take note of the ongoing activities around. Make sure you don’t miss any important moments.

Dressing appropriately (a neutral colour is preferable) is a major thing to keep in mind. Also, take care of the shoes. It doesn’t seem appropriate to sneak across a room during an event with loud shoes on! Take note of all of these points before you go for an event.

 #2 Take pre-event photos

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Once you know that you have to be in an event, it is better to arrive at least half an hour early and take the photos. Nothing’s better than a few candid shots of an event. Use this time to meet the guests in the event and build a rapport with them. This way, when the event starts, the guests will feel comfortable when you click them.

While you might have your concept of beauty, there are some professional tricks that make a photo worth a good rating. Getting trained in a photography training institute like Hamstech can help you develop the sense of judgement while taking photos.

 #3 Have the right gear for the event

This is very important! Prepare all the required equipment for the event. Generally, you don’t need to carry a lot of fancy photography gear. An external power flash with a diffuser or a reflector, a DSLR with a mid-range zoom and some spare memory cards and batteries – these are the key equipment that you need to carry with you for the event.


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For some serious events that require more time and more coverage, you need to carry a secondary camera is recommended. This saves photographers from switching the lens frequently. Note that a few clients expect the photographers to bring other equipment to the event.In this case, it is indeed important to have a prior meeting with the client(s) regarding their expectations

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