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Top 4 Career Paths for a Jewellery Designer

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Are you obsessed about designing jewellery and yet feel doubtful about how you are going to work it out as a career? It’s time you know the career paths that branch from the discipline of jewellery design.

It’s now that you need confidence in choosing a direction to move in after completing your jewellery designing course. So, here are the top 4 career paths any jewellery designer can move on to.


jewelry design school


Join a brand, work it grand

If you decide to not go entrepreneurial, rather make your jewellery designing skills work, you could aspire to team with brands like Tanishq, Nakshatra, Gili and D’Damas. It’s a lucrative career option, with a handsome pay and progression. A fresher’s salary could start at Rs. 7000, increasing with experience.

Top-rated designers could earn Rs. 1 lakh or more. But many established companies have good plans for their designers, leading to interesting prospects.


jewellery designing


Own a store, run your show

Wearing an entrepreneurial hat, working on retail jewellery could be highly rewarding. The best part is, it may not even need a shop space! You can utilise an online platform. Today, online designer jewellery trend is booming, encouraging designer entrepreneurs.

India has a remarkable position in global jewellery retail rankings. In net retail sales, India already ranks third among emerging and developing nations. India, expected to be world’s fastest growing ecommerce market, increases prospects for an enterprise in jewellery too! This will be driven by robust investment and rapid increase in the internet-savvy population.

The advantages are high market potential and low economic risk. The business could run even from your home, which should largely appeal to housewives. They could put in their flair for jewellery and skill in designing to the task as good anyone else.


jewellery designing institute


Your own jewellery line to shine

You can make this choice if you have mastered the skill of designing and crafting jewellery from a jewelry design school. You can also create and sell your own line of fashion jewellery accessories online.

No more is jewellery made only in precious metals. Today, trendy jewellery has encompassed the making of designer ornaments in a variety of materials. Online stores like Zivanne and Voylla should inspire you to work at getting started to build a thriving jewellery business.

Because remember, the more innovative you are, the bigger a name you’ll earn in this field.


jewellery stylist


Jewellery Stylist

Serving a niche clientele is an encouraging prospect in jewellery designing. Do you like designing jewellery for specific themes or create and stylise unique jewellery for movies, weddings or festivals? If yes, then ‘Jewellery Stylist’ is exactly what you need to be.

You would receive orders to design customized designer jewellery, apt to the suggested theme. This could be your best freelancing option! You could go versatile or specialise in a line of custom designs. When your hardwork and talent clicks, you’d be a brand in yourself like Poonam Soni, Farah Khan Ali or Suhani Pittie.

All it takes is your passion, dedication and focus to train your prowess at a jewellery designing institute to choose from the different career paths waiting for you.

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