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Top 8 Ways of Spotting Photography Students


After a slow and grilling day at work, I encountered something that only the most creative of us may find absolutely understandable!

While returning home, I spotted a random guy amidst the busy street, lost in his world of clicking pictures and trying to get his angle right. It was then that he lost his balance and fell on his face!! What startled him was the barking of a dog.

Oh, how we humans tend to get so engrossed in some things that we love truly!

As amusing as this scene was, I could almost immediately identify him as a photography student. Why? You may wonder.

No, it wasn’t his camera. Because photography goes beyond the camera into time, place, people, buildings and what not… it’s all in the moment!

Photography Course

Learning photography today is more “out of the ordinary” and an offbeat career choice over other fields like engineering, finance and medical.

You may come across many photography training institutes in Hyderabad that are expanding rapidly. One such institute is Hamstech and known to bring out the best in students.

Such photography institutes help students experiment with their perspective of taking pictures, and train them for having a keen eye for detail.

So what makes does make this motley group of Photography students different from the others?

Here are 8 ways of spotting hardcore photography students:

  1. They always, and I mean always, carry their DSLR’s with them. You see, what oxygen cylinders are to scuba divers, cameras are to photography students!photography course hyderabad

2. You will find them ever ready to capture the mood, however amateur they are and no matter what the occasion is.

3. They are forever fidgety with their cameras, lens, tripods and every other part of the gear they own. They take pride in their little bag of tricks!

4. Photography students also tend to get protective of their equipment. You will find them obsessed about having everything in place. Touch one thing the wrong way and all hell breaks loose!

5. They are never afraid of looking like a total fool to get the right angle! Sometimes they get so lost that they don’t realise how funny their behaviour may seem for others. They are oblivious to reality when the frame and focus is all that’s on their mind!

photography course in hyderabad

6. They are always curious about places, people, food, colours and everything they think they can capture in their lens. I have seen a gazillion photography students in cafes and restaurants who click pictures of their ordered food till it’s cold!

7. Students pursuing photography also become picky of their places and people to click… Watch them pester their close buddies to pose in unthinkable angles! “All possible experiments with you, my friend. Because you’re my best buddy” hear them say!

8. Walk into an electronics store and watch how intriguing it can get for the students whose first love is photography. See them getting themselves updated on the latest cameras available in the market. It’s like buying a 5-year old his/her first Lego set!

learn photography in hyderabad

So now that you can easily spot photography students, one may approach you for a photo. I suggest, go for it! For you may never know, your captured smile could get them accolades and make you famous!

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