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Tote Bags- An Accessory That Suits All Outfits

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There’s nothing that you can’t find in a woman’s bag. Hence, they need a bag that fits all of those necessary items.

An all-time favourite Fashion Accessory for women is the tote bag. From a regular day at work to stepping out for lunch with friends, women prefer this for almost all occasions.

There is a variety of bags available in the market and you can even make some lovely tote bags on your own.

Here are the 3 tote bags that can be made easily. Let’s take a look at them.  

Denim Tote Bag

If you have any old jeans which you no longer wear, you can bring it to use by making this amazing tote bag. All you have to do is cut the jeans from its top part and stitch it in a horizontal manner. To make its handle, you can either use the other part of the jeans or attach a leather one. Joining an Accessory Design course can help you make such stylish bags perfectly.

Braided-Handle Tote Bag

Making a tote bag is easy and designing a handle for it is even easier. If you know how to make a braid, you can create a colourful handle for this Accessory Design by braiding two or three coloured cloths.

T-shirt Tote Bag

T-shirt tote bags are very comfortable and light. There are two ways of making them. You can either make one by knotting or by stitching the open end. Bring your old t-shirts in use by designing this lovely bag.

There are many other accessories that you can easily make from your home. If you are interested in this, consider joining Accessory Designing courses at Hamstech and learn from the industry experts.

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