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Type of Threads Used In Jewellery Designing

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Jewellery Designing is one of those creative fields that has seen a massive growth in the past few decades. People with a knack of creating unique earrings, necklaces and bangles are now inclined towards learning this at a professional level and making it a full-time career option. Hand-made jewellery is quite popular among most women today. They prefer these to the traditional gold or kundan ornaments. The lightweight and a wide variety of style available in these statement jewellery are few of the reasons of this increase in demand.

Hand-made jewellery pieces are carefully made using the best materials to maintain the quality of the items made. A Jewellery Design course will help you improve your skills and give an idea of the latest designs trending in this industry.

Here are the threads commonly used in Jewellery Designing:


Silk thread is an ideal option for stringing pearls and other beads. This material is available in thicker diameters, which gives you the option of working with larger bead holes. This silk thread is available in many colours and 13 diameters that range from 0.3 to 1.05 millimeters. You can take Jewellery making classes in Hyderabad to know more about this kind of thread.


Monofilament is a single, continuous filament of synthetic fiber. This can be can be used in a number of ways even in jewellery making. It is almost transparent and requires no needle, but is easily stretched and cut. So if want to use it for finished jewellery, then its durability can be a concern. It is useful for experimenting with designs. It is also great for the invisible floating necklace look.

Beading Wire

Beading wire is a stringing material made up of numerous, thin steel wires that are woven or wound together. It is often coated with a thin layer of nylon that helps protect the beading wire from wear and deterioration and makes it softer and suppler. Nylon coatings can be clear or tinted- allowing you to match your stringing material to the colour of your beads or gemstones better. Most Jewellery Designing institutes in India advice their students to use this image.


Leather Cord

Leather cord is available in natural, dyed or coated hues and various shapes including round and flat versions. Leather is a rugged material, which is flexible, smooth and often used in designing unisex jewellery or the ones meant for men.

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