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Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own

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Shoes are one of the most used accessories used by men. There are various choices for men when it comes to wearing shoes. With incalculable types and designs of footwear available, it is quite difficult to decide on which ones to own. Through this blog, we are going to tell you what makes a perfect cut that deserves a place in your shoe closet.

While these are a brief on the readymade types of shoes, a more sophisticated way of personalizing your shoe closet is by adding your own handcrafted shoes. Wondering how you can craft your own shoes? It simple – learn accessory designing Hamstech! With our accessory designing classes in Hyderabad, you get to understand the leather industry, make your own shoes and become a certified professional accessory designer. However, while you make up your mind to enrol, read through the top readymade shoe types you can own.


Brogue shoe is one of the most versatile shoes that comes in various shapes and designs. These shoes have a ‘W’ like design at the cap part. You can pair brogues shoe with a button down shirt and a trouser for formal occasions. Or you can team it up with dark denim jeans for a casual look.

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Monk strap:

Monk straps are those shoes that have no lacing, rather they are closed by a buckle and strap. Also termed as closed sandals without laces, you can spot monk strap shoes at those who experiment their styling. While a single monk strap looks good for formal occasions, a dual strap monk shoe fits well for parties and weddings.


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Derby Shoes:

Derby shoes are also called as ‘open lacing shoes’ and can be seen in every man’s shoe closet. Comfort and versatility are what makes derby shoes different from other shoe types. These were the popular for sports and hunting back in 1850 AD and still are ideal for all the official gatherings.


Loafers fall under the men’s casual shoe-wear category. They are also called as slippers in American culture. They are lace-less and low heeled shoes. Loafers are available in various styles and one can flaunt their looks by pairing loafers in casual outfit in occasions like a pre-wedding shoot or a wedding reception.

While this is just about several shoes, there is a lot more you can learning about accessory designing and creation at the Hamstech College. With a legacy of over 26 years in creative education, Hamstech stands as today’s one of the most prominent  accessory designing schools in India. To know more, get in touch today!

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