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Types of Windows Used in Interiors

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Installing windows according to one’s need & style while designing interiors is often a strategic decision. The reason why it is strategic is that unlike doors, windows serve an extra purpose of bringing light and air into the house which is important for the resident’s well-being. It hardly needs to be reiterated that the type and placement of windows determine the vibe a room.

The thoughtful subject of Interior Designing gives due significance to every element that is part of a room. An interior designer plans every accessory, furniture and decor with precision to create the desired feel and look. Optimal use of space, merging aesthetics with functionality makes the best interiors.

Different types of windows suit different types of interiors and serve different purposes. Their size and look are determined by a definite purpose that a professional interior designer can actualise. That is by virtue of the skills they acquire with Interior Design courses.

Accessories of a place like curtains depend upon the type of windows that an interior designer has chosen. An Interior Designing course discusses this aspect. This makes the future interior designers capable of suggesting and implementing interior designing methods.

Talking of windows, the types of windows commonly seen in the interiors include:

Casement Windows

The mechanism of a casement window is simple. It opens out and has a hinge mechanism on the left and the right. These windows typically have large glass panes and good framing. These windows are fixed in a way so that air and light can flow better in the rooms.

Picture Window

This is one of the largest windows- the type that brings in maximum light into the room along with a lavish view of the outdoors. These glass panes are fixed and remain closed. They can be crafted to cause dissipation of heat entering the room.

Slider Windows

As the name suggests, these windows come with a track built in the frame on which the window panes slide. The design is simple yet classy.

Double Hung Windows

A very commonly used window type, it has two window sashes that open halfway. It allows a good amount of ventilation.

Using the right window for the right space makes great designs possible. If this is something that interests you, enrol in Hamstech’s Interior Design course and master the art of decors!

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