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Use of Arts and Crafts Style in Interior Design

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A new era in interior design started with a certain veering of designing concepts from complex to meaningfully simple yet artistic ones. This concept is called the arts and crafts designing.

Vitalising interiors using art is an age-old practice. For example, in the West, the Victorian era used extravagance as the way of decoration. It’s a part of interior designing history. You get to learn about the evolution from there to modern interior design in interior design classes.

The whole setting of interior decoration elements in the new scheme of art and craft is based on intelligently converted interior paraphernalia. Furniture designing is a major subject in this regard, dealt with in any interior design course.

Designing interiors using art and craft method works on basic components with basic knacks of designing. Adding creativity into the mix of technique and utility, you’ll do a great job at inventing designs on and off your interior design diploma courses.

Let’s go by the elements to understand this idea.


Keeping Wood Rich as Itself


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Nature has more shades and patterns than any artist can imagine. Today, preserving them on wooden accessories is an interior design trend. The stains on the wood are left on to retain natural patterns on the furniture. This runs parallel to the practice of colouring wooden accessories.

The natural wooden textures include grains and age rings on wood. Unlike older times, more people are preferring natural designs.


Natural Colours – A Rich Palette


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Many colours come straight from nature. Shades like brown of barks, green of grass, blues of sky and water or yellow of ripe fruits are used to paint the interiors. Earthly colours connect you with the richness of nature. It’s also the best way to effortlessly integrate flora to interiors.


Furnishing for Utility and Design


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When compared to Victorian designs, the new art and craft method dedicates to the creation of straightforward, sturdy and comfortable furnishings that dismisses gaudiness. Furnishing today functions to purpose and last for a long time. The emphasis is on the quality and durability of the materials used for furnishing, along with the beauty it brings into the setting.


The Pleasing Lights


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Lighting is the integral part of an interior. The art and craft design of interiors takes this element in a creative stride. It advocates use of mica and tiffany glass for lamps. These fit into the creative requirement and are cost effective. Mica gives a good glow and tiffany is very open to craftsmanship.

Moreover, natural lighting with well-designed inlets like windows and panels is another design practice under the art and craft design.


Feel Good Floorings


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Flooring with natural materials like stones and hardwood is trending under the arts and crafts style. The variety and feel are so close to real nature that adopting these can make a huge difference for the interior.

The prevalence of a pragmatic outlook in interior designing challenges designers to conceive designs with real-life applicability. When your approach to interior design matches this concept, your designs are sure to be well accepted.

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