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Vaastu Tips for Interior Designing

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It’s great news that Vaastu is changing lives of millions positively! Even the West is exploring Vaastu and its experts are thankfully promulgating the science for everyone around the world.

Vaastu is an ancient system of building architectural structures that carefully takes into account the influence of natural forces that are well-known to influence health, emotions, thoughts and our overall quality of existence.

Vaastu is a science that links energy and matter, with respect to time and space. It guides you on how to ensure that the place you live in or work at has the most favourable conditions for prosperity.  Vaastu principles has high relevance in interior designing too.


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Interior design courses that include Vaastu even equip students in planning interiors that overcomes any shortcomings in basic architecture. Thus, Vaastu’s principles are equally important to both architecture and interior designing.

Now, if you’re curious to learn Vaastu, a few tips shared below can help fuel your enthusiasm and appreciation. As for learning Vaastu for interior design systematically, taking up courses for interior designing that deals with the subject is recommended.

For now, let’s check out what valuable tips Vaastu has for us to improve our interiors to set the stage for great health, happiness and prosperity.


At Home


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In the Kitchen


  • Keep the cooking platform towards the east as it’s the direction that brings lots of positivity.
  • Place the cooking cylinder towards the south-east corner.
  • All food and utensil storage area must be set on the southern or western walls.
  • Keep electronic gadgets on the southern platform.
  • Install exhaust fan on the north-west or south wall.


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In the bedroom

  • Never place water-bodies like fountains or fish aquariums in a bedroom.
  • Do not place mirrors opposite a bed in the bedroom.
  • The bed should be positioned towards the south-west, with its head directed to the South.


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In the Study Room


  • Place the study table in the south-west of the room. The person studying should face north or north east.
  • No mirrors should be placed in a study room.


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In the Living room


  • Paint the living room in tranquil colors viz. White, green, light yellow and blue.
  • Vaastu favours rectangular pieces of furniture over circular ones.
  • Use light curtains in the east (from where the sunlight comes) and heavy drapes in the south or west.


In any room


  • Never place plants like cactus, bonsai and any red flowered ones inside the house.
  • Do not hang paintings showing nudity, violence or those with clashing colours in the house. Also do not place stuffed animals in the house.


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At Office


  • Set the conference room towards the north-west as it favours the flow of ideas.
  • Keep the front of the doors of the office or space near it, clear from obstacles.
  • Keep the central part of the office empty.
  • Place water bodies in the office in the eastern or north-eastern area.
  • Do not make employees sit under beams. Cover beams if any with false ceiling.
  • Place idols or images of Gods towards the right side of mirrors.

Vaastu is an ancient science about creating optimal living spaces by aligning with nature’s flow of energy. It’s recommended that more discussions on Vaastu come up in interior design classes to perfect the perception of highly desirable living spaces.

Appreciation of Vaastu is the acknowledgement of our respect for ancient wisdom that transcends ages. There’s a treasure of information on Vaastu you can access from experts through numerous media. We urge you to explore this amazing science for your well-being.

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