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Vantage Point – Ways To Click The Nature

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Nature is the most common yet niche subject for photography. It is a treasure trove of opportunity to capture captivating pictures. The maximum range of subjects to click often comes from nature. It’s a photographer’s delight.

As any photographer would know, clicking pictures is an art primarily by virtue of choosing the right spot to click the subject from. Photography training courses train you to identify the best position and distance to choose while shooting a picture. Light plays a major role while clicking these photos. It is essential to gain experience in this regard as it helps you click really impactful and thoughtful photographs.

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When it comes to nature, there are many subjects that can be brought into the frame. It could be creatures shot in their natural habitat, water bodies, active sequences like the wind, landscapes, seasons, times of the day, and so on. Attend enough photography classes and you will realise how to capture the best of the nature.

There are basically 3 levels you could click a photograph at- eye level, from top to bottom or bottom to top. There are also different shot lengths like close-ups, medium shots and long shots. Considering these or a combination of these can determine the optimal spot from which the photograph can be clicked. It’s one of the essential skills that photography schools teach you.

Let’s check the different vantage points for different types of subjects in nature photography.

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Clicking at Eye Level

This works most when the element you are capturing is clearly at parallels with you. Imagine clicking a scarecrow in a lush field. You will be focusing on the scarecrow while you can choose to capture the entire greenery around it. Clicking a garden at an eye level can capture the scene with all its elements like the plants, people and even the sky.

Clicking from Top

Climbing up a hill to capture the beauty of a valley belongs to this type of shot. When there is an array of nature to capture in a frame, a shot from an elevation works very effectively. The perspective it gives is spectacular and is the most appealing for the viewer who loves to be amazed by nature.

Ground Level Shot

If you are capturing elements like reflections in water while making the rock or trees look imposing, clicking it from ground level can be very effective. It also works while capturing large trees. The most striking shot that complements its size would be a ground-up one.

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Aerial Shot

An engrossing shot that encapsulates the whole ground as with capturing a long shot of a beautiful island can be best done with an aerial shot. Clicking the subject from an angle can be a good way to do this. To create a zoom-in effect while clicking a vehicle driving down a road between a grove from exact top position, use aerial shot.

Choosing a vantage point in accordance with the subject is the smart choice of a skilled photographer. Observe, visualise and practice to make it perfect.

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