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Want to Know About Jewellery Stones? Here Are 4 Facts about Gemology!

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Gemology is the science that deals with real or artificial gemstones. If you have a knack in Jewellery Designing and want to pursue this professionally, it is important that you learn about different stones. Once you are able to give your customers correct information when they come to buy stones, this knowledge will help build credibility.

Gemstones look gorgeous and many jewellery lovers admire their beauty. It is believed that gemstones have healing power and many are adviced to wear them for peace and prosperity.

Here are four interesting facts you might want to know about gemology:

Garnets aren’t Named after the Word Meaning ‘Blood’

As it is red in colour, it is believed that garnets have been named after a word meaning ‘blood’. However, the truth is that as it is similar in appearance to the blood-red seeds of a pomegranate, they have been named after this fruit. You can join Jewellery making classes in Hyderabad to learn more about this stunning gemstone.

Amber is the Lightest Gemstone

This is the lightest gemstone found on the planet. It is so light that it floats on the surface of salt water. It is not produced by the liquid of the tree, but from the resin plant. This aromatic resin can drip from and ooze down on trees, as well as fill internal fissures, trapping seeds, leaves, feathers or insects. Baltic amber is used in jewellery making as it is considered to be the strongest type of amber.

The Rare Red Diamond

Coloured diamonds are mostly rare but the diamond in red is the rarest of them all. These are usually found in Brazil, Africa and Australia and only 20 or 30 rare diamonds have been found until today. You can get Jewellery Designing training in India and start making statement pieces for yourself.

The Mesmerising Tanzanite

Gemstones in blue and violet colour are fascinating and the mesmerising tanzanite needs a special mention here. This blue/violet gemstone is rare, appealing and is found in only one location in the world- Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. You can enrol in a Jewellery Design course and learn more about such unique gemstones.

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