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What Does Styling Mean and Why Is Personal Styling Important

What Does Styling Mean and Why Is Personal Styling Important

Are you one of those who love to go shopping and buy trendy outfits like clothes, boots, hats or various other accessories? Or did you know that you could make shopping your full-time job? Yes, it is absolutely possible to take up shopping as a career option. Fashion stylists are hired to choose and shop trendy outfits for their clients. It is one of the most lucrative career options today.

Today as grown-up adults we know about different types of fashion-related careers. And shopping is one of them. As a fashion stylist, you should know how to pick unique outfits, what to match with a dress, what footwear to choose and so much more. But more than this, you should know your clients. So, you can get outfits or accessories that your client would instantly love!

The World of Fashion Styling

In the present times, the demand for fashion is constantly rising as everyone wants to look their best. As the photographers and influencers are taking over social media and attracting the youth, fashion has become a necessity for many.

Personal Styling Explained

Personal Styling

Who is a Fashion Stylist?

In simple words, a fashion stylist is an expert in fashion and clothing. It is a person who can help you get better with the choice in fashion or can shop the right clothing for you. Outfits which will fit you better and will bring the best look out of you.

The choice of clothing and accessories are made on a few considerations like their skin tone and hair colour, their eyes and many more aspects. The fashion stylist keeps all these in mind before choosing a style for his clients.

Who is a Personal Stylist?

Before getting deeper into the topic we first need to know the difference between a fashion stylist and a personal stylist. Fashion stylists are those experts who work with models on fashion shows, design studios and with tv show artists. But when it comes to a personal stylist, they are the experts who work and decide for individuals. They choose the clients’ style and shop for them.

Firstly, a personal stylist looks into the client’s wardrobe (1) and decides on the accessories and what they need to complete their wardrobe. The things they need to change according to the new look like clothes, footwear, bags and a lot more.

The personal stylist analyses their client first to know what kind of colour would go great with their skin or hair, Then they check on what the latest fashion trends in the industry are, before they go out to shop for their client.

What are the benefits of Personal Styling?

The personal stylist comes from a fashion styling industry that is most likely to be taken up by youth in today’s world. The fashion stylist will have their own liberty to go out and shop for their client, so they can earn a decent amount of money while living their passion.

As employers check if a personal stylist has the right qualification or a fashion-related degree, they also look for experience or reviews from previous clients.


Why is personal styling important?

Personal Styling is Important

You don’t always tell everyone you meet who you are, but your style does. The way you dress up, the way you walk and the way you present yourself tells a lot about you. As we might have experienced this in our personal life, when we pass by a person who is well-groomed and well-dressed up. We  think positively about him but at the same point if we come across an under-dressed person we instantly make a negative impression about him and walk away. So, now you might get why styling is very important for everyone to look well-groomed and have a good impact on society.



Find Your Signature Style

Experts during Fashion Styling courses advice that before starting anything, we need to know who we are? What personality do we have and what kind of clothes fits us better? And to find the answers to all of these questions the only thing you need to do is to look at yourself and know what makes you happy. What kind of clothes are you comfortable in and what pops out the glamour in you? And once you find the right clothing make it your signature style. This does not mean you can’t go exploring and try new things, it is just the regular style you follow in your daily life. And you are free to experiment with new looks!


It Is not about wearing branded clothes to look stylish, but it is the way you carry the outfit on yourself. Even if you wear branded dresses but don’t have confidence in yourself, you would still not look the best in your style. But when you are not wearing a branded outfit yet you are happy and confident then, your body language and your elegance pops-up a stylish personality. So, always be confident and happy in what you are wearing. It gives you a sharp body language and shows a completely different side of you.


Get Some Styling Inspiration

Through a Styling course, you will understand that it is not only about setting up your signature style or carrying an outfit with confidence, it is about making yourself feel good. And for doing that, you need to keep updating your wardrobe according to the latest trends in the market. You can take inspiration from what is happening in the industry and create a new look.


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