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What Hamstech’s Students Expect from Their Mentors

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Considering the tough competition in their respective fields, every student, much like a typical professional, looks for ways to survive and elevate their careers. There are many sources like magazines, newspapers, television and websites that provide in-depth knowledge on challenges and opportunities in various professions. Nevertheless, at any point of time, having a person who has the knowledge, experience and skill to guide is very desirable. This expert guide is mostly a mentor.

In fact, mentor is a key contributor to a successful career. Mentors have the ability to identify a student’s qualities as well as motivate them to achieve goals. As a matter of fact, professional educational institutions often make sure that students are given the right learning platform with the valuable presence of a mentor. One such institute is Hamstech Institute of Creative Education.

Hamstech, for more than two decades, has dedicated itself to providing quality education to its students. Hamstech’s mentors, Mrs. Neeta Lulla for fashion design, Mrs. Shabnam Gupta for interior design and Mr. Avinash Gowarikar for photography courses respectively, come with years of industry experience. All these mentors have been closely associated with Hamstech for years. With the support of these mentors, the institute has secured the position of top fashion designing institute in Hyderabad.

From what has been observed, here is what every Hamstech student expects from their mentors:


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Mrs. Neeta Lulla (Fashion Design)


Mentors are like huge reservoirs with tons of knowledge and ideas. One such example is Hamstech’s fashion design mentor Mrs. Neeta Lulla.

Mrs. Neeta Lulla has been associated with Hamstech for years now. With over 30 years of experience, her professional guidance to Hamstech’s students has opened a gateway of opportunities to them, much to their expectations.

As the Chief Advisor for the Fashion Designing department, she has assisted students in every step of their academics and associated activities. Right from approving designs to helping showcase the final garment on the ramp, Mrs. Lulla stands with the students as their guide and motivator like one they have sought for.

Hamstech’s Annual Fashion Show is a great platform for students who want to make a career in fashion designing. Mrs. Lulla shares useful tips and advice to the eager students that greatly contributes towards the success of the show. As a mentor, Mrs. Neeta Lulla has been very instrumental in playing a major role in setting up the base for every fashion design student’s career at Hamstech.


interior designing courses in kukatpally


Mrs. Shabnam Gupta (Interior Design)


When students achieve their goals, it is worth the hard work! As much the credit goes to students, twice goes to mentors. Mentors are the ones who can make a student realise the difference between passion and profession.

Mrs. Shabnam Gupta is one such mentor with great mentorship qualities. She comes with over 14 years of experience and her work has gained her immense fame. She’s been all that a mentor for the Interior Design students can be.

She has shared her experience and advice through her live sessions and seminars, which students attend eagerly to imbibe more expert knowledge. Hamstech students have learnt to execute projects and cater to a diverse set of audiences through her mentorship. Her constant encouragement and business development skills have made every student a go-getter.


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Mr. Avinash Gowariker (Photography Mentor)


Mentors possess a strong quality of dedication and commitment. The kind of opportunities, lessons and connections to seek from mentors is important for a student. It is in fact the duty of every student to learn the most from mentors.

One such mentor with a glaring history of success in Photography is Mr. Avinash Gowariker. He is a renowned celebrity photographer with exceptional skills. His work in the advertising industry, editorials and magazines has been highly acclaimed.

Today, Hamstech students are privileged to be mentored by him. The photography course at Hamstech provides an exceptional training environment to students. Here students not only get an in-depth study of photography but also learn effective strategies, and other technicalities from mentors.

Mr. Gowariker as a mentor has always extended his best support to Hamstech students. Be it his valuable feedback or practical training, his guidance has been exceptional, just as the students wish for.

Hamstech’s mentors have assisted students to identify their strengths and weaknesses along with their chances and their best steps to excel. In short, they help students to do a professional SWOT analysis. With such dedicated mentors, Hamstech’s students have been able to overcome their shortcomings and become confident individuals.

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