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Fashion designing is the most misunderstood word among many people. What people know about fashion designing is that it involves creating different, trendy and fashionable outfits. It also involves much more than just designing outfits. There are many types of fashion designing courses such as Textile Designing and Accessory Designing.

Fashion designing is a field where you can showcase your style with sublimity. It is no less than a field of mastering the art of design. This field requires you to be creative enough to combine the right colours, shades & textures. You also have to visualise new design patterns for garments while finding the right accessories and enjoy working with them.

Cultural and social behavior has a great impact on fashion designing and has always varied by the time and demand. No one wants to create an outfit or an accessory that won’t be a market sensation. Therefore, knowing the demands of the market and the people is very important. If one does not have in-depth knowledge about the present market, it can result in risking their career.

Other fashion designing courses include

Textile Designing:

Textile designing is a technique in which threads and yarns are inter-twined to form a fabric that can further be used to design different outfits. Without a fabric, an outfit cannot be made. So textile designing is important and should be done with precision. The prints and colours should be selected wisely so that the market demand increases and you can earn a huge of profit.

Textile designing includes- weaving, printing and dyeing fabrics. Weaving is one of the methods of fabric formation. It is done by interlacing two threads at right angle to get the fabric weaved.

Textile Designing Course

Dyeing is the process of applying colours to the fabric in a special solution containing dyes and a chemical material.

Last but not least, printing is the process of applying different colors that results in the formation of different patterns and designs, which makes the textile more attractive.

Accessory Designing: 

Everyone knows that wearing designer clothes are a status symbol in today’s world. But, pairing it with accessories that do not compliment the clothes can ruin the entire look. This highlights the importance of accessories. The right quantity and design of accessories will make your look memorable. This increases the demand for accessories and accessory designers.

An accessory designer plans the impressiveness and functionality of different accessories. Like any other designer, an accessory designer should also know everything about the past, present and upcoming trends. They should have the ability to predict what accessories are going to draw people’s attention in the next season.

Accessory Designing Course

Scope of Fashion Designing

Fashion designers in the present century are presented with various job opportunities and with a good income. Countries like the USA, France, Italy and UK have a well-established fashion industry but now India is also making its name in the field of fashion design. The designers are free to join garment manufacturing companies, fashion houses, export units, etc. after completing their studies and obtaining a certification or degree.

A fashion designer has scope in the garment industry and also in the field of accessories, textiles, footwear and more.

Some of the popular choices are:

Fashion Designer

After completing the degree, a fashion designer will be able to design dresses for their respective clients. Your level of creativity can take you to new heights. If you are hardworking, passionate and creative while having a positive outlook and can deal with the pressure of the job, no one can stop you from achieving success. You can also work under some notable designers to gain first-hand experience and later start your own label even. If you have the talent, then you can catch a break to present your designs in a fashion show.

Fashion Designer Course


Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator is a person who brings the ideas of a designer onto paper. Directed by the designer, an illustrator draws the sketches and expresses the ideas of the designer. The designer should clearly explain to the illustrator what they want in order to get the desired sketch.

Fashion Illustrator Course


Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist is someone who works for individuals, fashion houses and clothing brands. Their main responsibility is to choose & coordinate outfits and accessories for models and celebrities for a fashion show, photoshoots and various other events. They should keep themselves updated with the changing trends and patterns of fabric. There is no room for error or else their career may take a dive.

Many celebrities and models have personal stylists, but one can also work as a freelancer (1) earn a good income. Freelancing will give you the advantage to work with many people to gain experience, travel the world and make your portfolio more interesting.

Fashion Stylist Course


Fashion Consultant

A fashion consultant is someone who helps their clients with professional fashion advice. They either work for a fashion company or on a contract basis. They guide their clients by suggesting colours, designs, fabrics and style according to their body type and skin-tone that will compliment them the most. This involves hearing out the customer to understand their vision and provide suggestions accordingly.

Working for a fashion company, they serve as customer service and sales representatives. By advising the clients in their selection process, they fulfill the customers’ requirements and help the store retail additional merchandise while making a profit.

Fashion Consultant

These were some of the fields within fashion designing. Now that you have understood what fashion designing is, to work in any of these fields you need to have a proper degree from a reputed college. There are many fashion designing colleges in India, but Hamstech College of creative education gives aspirants real-time experience. Under the guidance of our expert mentors, aspirants get a deeper look into the industry. So what are you waiting for? Enrol now!

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