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What Makes Jewellery A Trend?

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For the longest period in history, jewellery has been a significant form of accessory that has enhanced the beauty of both men and women. Incomparably varied and highly evolving, jewellery is intriguing to study and fascinating to wear. Be it traditional, modern or innovative, jewellery design has grown into an art that has spawned as a thriving industry that stands tall by itself.

A passion for women, jewellery has lately transcended to the metrosexual part of the society. The youth has also taken to learning jewellery design courses, breaking the traditional hereditary lineages that had monopolised jewellery making to certain smith communities.

What’s more, the designing trends and practices have shifted focus from traditional patterns to liberal and expressive styles which have led to the birth of varied trends and types of jewellery. Jewellery design classes have become creatively academic.

It is interesting to observe jewellery trends as it reflects some significant social trends that are influenced by a mix of diverse people. As one of the highly experienced and reputed jewellery designing institutes in India, we constantly keep up with trends and help students recognise the factors that make jewellery trend.

Economic Trends

On one hand, the purchasing power of people determines the buying pattern of jewellery – especially gold jewellery. On the other hand, the investment people make gives them financial security and hence balances the economy in times of need. Fluctuations in the economic well-being of the country thus influence jewellery purchases a lot.

Online Jewellery Stores

Online stores have rewritten the concepts of identifying jewellery clientele. It’s easier to introduce newer themes and designs online and make it trending in no time with a much larger audience worldwide! The easy accessibility and online savviness of people today have created a strong base for jewellery trends.


Festivals are a boom time for jewellery sales in India. It’s an opportunity to introduce new collections and find a market for new designs. Indian festivals are equally important trendsetters for traditional and fashion jewellery.


Marriages are held in great pomp and jewellery involved in them are traditionally valued. Summers are well known for marriages and hence registers a surge in jewellery sales. 

These trendsetters for jewellery are instrumental in understanding the way people choose their favourite jewellery and buy them. From a learning perspective, identifying these factors can help you appreciate jewellery trends better.

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